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Sci-Fi channel goes SyFy

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They can call it Shit Flies for all I care. Doesn't anyone else but myself notice, you will see ads for Jurassic Park 3, back to back three nights in a row on TNT? Then the very next week it "premieres" on the Sci Fi or SyFy channel? Typing "SyFy" makes me feel illiterate. Other than that, my Dad pays $50 a month for us to have 200 channels of pure garbage.

Where are the older movies (no I am not talking AMC) what did they burn them?

No, you see the cable networks are group owned and purchase the rights to show certain movies. For example MTV owns Nickelodeon. That's why "Ren and Stimpy" was aired on both networks. So the cheap asses can save money shuffling shows around. I saw in the guide last week that "National Treasure" played on SyFy, it has nothing to do with killer robots, space aliens, etc..

This renaming is just a lame attempt to be able to mix in a bunch of movies from the other networks.

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