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[DM] Polish eXtreme Party 24/7

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Hello, I invite you to one of the best SA:MP ServerS!, We have good scripters, Experienced Admins, on the server rulez a nice atmosphere :D , good system to prevent cheaters, Our gamemode is called ^LV~XL~PL^eXe24™ v5.2, very big map, it has about 2000 objects, around 700 commands and we keep adding them, we have extra commands for players that play a long time with us, so it will be never boring with all those things :D

Polish eXtreme Party 24/7 @ Pr0G4ming.pl


Players: x / 50

Ping: 20-50

GameMode: ^LV~XL~PL^eXe24™ v5.2

Map: DeathMatch 24/7


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