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A useful topic linking to some other good topics in the Gameplay Discussion Forum. More topics will be added soon.

Topic Author Description
GTA IV Show-Off Topic Deji A topic to talk about what you like to do in GTA IV.
What mission are you currently at Victor_Vance A nice topic to say which mission you are on in GTA IV.
Funnest vehicle BigTroy Want to say which vehicle you find the best in the game? Here's a topic for it.
Lola the Prostitute GTA Hustler A talk about the mystery girl in GTA IV named Lola.
What happend to Librety City? GTAspotter Mostly a topic about the two Liberty Cities. The GTA 3 version and the GTA IV Version.
What ringtone do you have? Death Cude K Which ringtone do you use in GTA IV? Why not tell everyone here.
Securicar Truck is Bullet Proof Sabin A chat about if the Securicar Truck is Bullet Proof or not.

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