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  1. Noru

    Alive Check

    I'm just seeing it now myself, I'll join up when I get home. Has anyone else from the old days seen or joined up yet?
  2. Noru

    Alive Check

    Alive and Well. I usually check this place once awhile. Always nice to take look back at the past
  3. I have to say I love that new car. Better pack in terms of content compared to the Beach Bum pack. Hopefully the next one will be just as good. Anyways they also have a contest going on as well to take your best photo. Here's the one I did and hoping I can get a few more likes for it. http://rsg.ms/NO61hU
  4. GTA 6 more than likely wouldn't even be on Rockstar's to do list at the moment. Also, it'll probably be another 5 years or so till we see another GTA game on consoles. With the female protagonist idea, Rockstar have said that it would be fantastic but they haven't found the right game/story for it yet. It's possible if Rockstar stick with the 3 Protagonist idea they used with V, one of them could be a female protag. It's even possible the next Red Dead could have a female lead.
  5. I haven't maxed out my gallery yet but I checked both the game and Social Club and I couldn't find a way to delete any photos I have at the moment. I was told you can do it on Social Club and seems I don't have that option.
  6. Noru

    Crates MIA

    Got one yesterday but sometimes they never seem to drop for me as well.
  7. If your Garage is full, you can still buy Planes, Helicopters and so on since they don't take a spot in the Garage, Just call Pegasus and they'll deliver it to the nearest location for you.
  8. Restricted cars and vehicles that have been added to player garages through exploits have been removed. This includes tanks, helicopters and police vehicles. Players will no longer receive a Bad Sport penalty when they are in a non-moving tank and other players crash a vehicle into them. These I'm happy they fixed. Couple weeks ago, I stole a tank off a friend to test how much damage we can do to a car without destroying it. Of course we were in a public lobby and I had to go do a few things away from the game quick. I was gone for 5 mins and I seen when I got back that someone kept driving their Personal Vehicle into the tank I was in. Because of that I ended up in a bad sport lobby. The Restricted Vehicles was another one, I have seen so many people with, Jets, Tanks and Helicopters in their garage and all they used them for was killing people. Couldn't even destroy them without getting Bad Sport.
  9. Noru

    Scuba Gear?

    The sea plane was in the very first GTA V Trailer, you can see it flying over the wind farm section of the trailer. Must of been a reason it never made it into the final version of the game. Also I hope Scuba Gear will one day make an appearance Online.
  10. The same damage from IV is still there, its just takes much longer to achieve that level of damage. Anyways, I agree about the wasted screen. I have had a few deaths where I wish I could of watched and see where the body would go or what it would hit.
  11. Took a look at the other screenshots and just looking at them makes me wish these last 7 days would go by quicker.
  12. Great idea, I'm thinking I may make a new emblem for the tgtap crew before GTA Online launches.
  13. I'm liking the new layout for social club, a fresh new look in time for their biggest game coming soon.
  14. Wow, IGN's articles were just terrible. They didn't reveal much but point out the games faults. Anyways, I don't mind the regenerating health up to 50%, I can see why they decided to do this. Since there are now 3 characters you'll probably want to have full health, Lets say your using Trevor and he gets low on Health, You'll probably start looking around trying to find one health pack in a gun fight to heal him. Now lets say you switch to franklin and you notice he's about to die but there are no more health packs in the area. You'll more than likely won't bother using him since one mess up and you'll be dead.
  15. The cake is a Lie! Happy Birthday TGTAP. I decided to create a new emblem on TGTAP's social Club crew page to celeabrate 10 years but seems Social Club has been having issues lately with the editor and it won't appear at the moment.
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