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Twice The Aspiration


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Hello all, first of all, I would like to thank Mr.Magic, PtRvY, DareDevilX, Ghost, Hoff and MeetMyMeat, without them, this video wouldn't be out here. Well, moving on, this is my first Vice City solo edited by the one and only Mr.Magic. This is a sequel to my fifth San Andreas solo, Aspiration. Guesting by Mr.Magic, Ghost, Hoff and MeetMyMeat. There are a few things I want to mention about this solo, first of all, I'd like to mention that I stunted for about six months to get a collection of stunts and it took me another six months or more to find an editor and during that whole period, I lost quite an amount of stunts so there may be a few stunts that you have seen before and a few very old ones too, old ones as in stunts I landed long time ago, this video practically contains almost every single stunt I landed since the start of my stunting in Vice City till the latest stunt. Since this is a sequel to Aspiration like I mentioned before, you would have to watch Aspiration to understand the story of the intro/outro, if you'd like to watch it then click

. This video follows the same tradition of Aspiration, I wouldn't have made this sequel if not for that tradition, just like in Aspiration, this video contains the stunts I had the most fun landing, I can say I had a blast landing these. :D About 97% of the stunts were landed in SAiVC, not counting the guest stunts and the reason I'm calling this a VC solo, is because I believe it has the same Vice City Engine but that doesn't matter much does it. :P Well, now that you've read the boring speech, I would like to present to you my first Vice City solo, Twice The Aspiration.


High Quality 1280x720p Matroska (.mkv)



Medium Quality 960x540 Windows Media Video (.wmv)





Low Quality Streaming

Well, I hope you enjoy this video and thank you for watching! :D

I'm sorry I forgot to put the game tag before the topic lol. :( It's [VC]

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