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SA-MP Server [SH-RP] English | RolePlay!

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Welcome to SH-RP!

SH-RP is an RP server, online 24/7 with a superb administration team to make sure your time in the server will be great! We got a stable player base and a high standard of RP all over the server, i will explain some parts of the server below!

Basic Information


Map: Los Santos

Slots: 100

Script: SH-RP v2.8

Type: Role Play

Website/Forums: http://www.slakthuset.org

Public Services

SH-RP got active and experienced public service leaders, we got the Los Santos PD, the FBI, a government, the Los Santos EMS, a news team and of course, you got the chance to make your OWN public service/Legal faction.

Gang/Family Information

SH-RP is using a sort-of-dynamic system when it comes to gangs, you are free to make your own gang and you can use the items the server provides for unofficial gangs such as Walkie Talkies and IRC, you can also work to get official. Official gangs will get it all from cars, good HQ to radio and a material storage system for their /equip.

Job Information

There are about 12 different jobs on SH-RP, they are based on two main groups, legal and illegal jobs and you can find them at the two different job centers. Some of the jobs are: Material smuggler, Arms dealer, Explosive smuggler, Car Mechanic and Pizza boy.


SH-RP got a ownership system for both businesses, houses and cars! You can own up to 3 cars and also get a great chance to own one of our 65 houses! Or 21 Businesses!

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