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primNet Roleplay: A post apocalyptic themed server

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About primNet

Server IP:

IRC channel: irc.synirc.net #primNet

Website: www.ccngta.com

Imagine GTA:San Andreas played as an MMO, in a post apocalyptic theme. This is essentially what primNet is, a server running on the SA:MP mod tailored to emulate that of an MMO. We use the term "light RP" in that roleplay is encouraged and rewarded, but not absolutely essential to playing the game. You won't get punished for not roleplaying inane things such as unholstering a weapon as some other servers do.

Among other things, primNet features:

- A post apocalyptic backstory (more on this later)

- A San Fierro based setting

- Multiple jobs with many roles

- Interactable NPC bots

- Bot driven bus system

- A fixed economy - now all money is relative, and the game isn't in a state of constant hyper inflation

- Dumpable weapons. Now when guzuers die, their held weapons become pickups! Reap the spoils of war!

- An administration team that isn't out to antagonise the player base

On the gameplay side, there's:

- Enterable planes with interiors

- Claimable materials points

- Morphine!

- Pirate radio!

- Static houses! Now 20 dudes can all live in the same house!


To bear a little context to the sort of gameplay to expect, we prefaced the server with a "backstory" so everyone's on the same page on how to act.

The world has collapsed in on itself. No one really remembers how or why anymore, their only concern being survival. As society tears itself apart, only one semblance of civilisation and government remains in the city of San Fierro, relatively unscathed from the chaos that took place. Now, San Fierro has become the mecca to every survivor many making their pilgrimages from all corners of the nation in search of sanctuary.

You are one of these people.

While physically safe from the chaos, San Fierro was not completely untouched by it. Malevolent benefactors took advantage of the turmoil to begin a dictatorship of the last known bastion of humanity. The way of the gun rules the streets, and law enforcement is either inept, amateur, or horrendously corrupt. An air of paranoia and depression runs rife. "Trust no one" has become second nature.

A brawl at newbie spawn breaks out between MagC and Mafia


So how does this backstory affect me? Does this mean I have to RP?

In a word; no. The backstory only serves to bear context to the gameplay usually encountered on a light RP server. We thought it was kind of ridiculous to expect people to play the game with the pretext of being a realistic city, when there's people killing eachother on the streets and all sorts of crazy shit happening.

That said, feel free to go ahead and RP. In fact, we encourage it. We stand apart from certain servers in that you won't get griefed and/or made fun of for doing so, and generally more people are open to it as a post-apoc scenario generally appeals to most dudes and is a potent ground for some creative RP. I mean, who wouldn't want to RP Mad Max?

The backstory creates endless opportunities for people to get creative, this is reflected by how it affects the base factions.

- The Mayor is no longer a Mayor, but a Dictator. Think Aunty from Thunderdome.

- In the New World Order, the "police" are little more than the dictators lackies. Rights? What rights.

- The News Faction is now Underground Radio. Viva la Revolucion!

- Occasional visits from the remnants of the Old Government. They're back and they're angry.


I've tried servers like this before and got sick of mat runs and the like, what have you done to distance yourselves from this?

Mat running has been isolated. That means, all of the 13 year old Brazilians who enjoy mat running can now do so in isolation[/b] and must sell those mats onto the common player i.e. you. To elaborate, if, like most dudes, you want to sell guns but absolutely hate mat running, you can now just let some kids do it for you, by hanging out at a point and buying mats from any runner who passes.

There are no longer 3 mat types. A certain other server tried to implement this to curb poopsocking, with the unexpected effect of creating 3x more ways to poopsock. This has been put to an end.

The mat runs themselves have been split into three types: Air, boat and car, in decreasing order of yield. Air mat runs require a skilled (and we mean skilled) pilot to fly players to and from mat points in a huge Nevada air transport. Sound easy? Try flying one. Boat mat runs require people to sail from the aircraft carrier to the cargo ship, and the car mat run, which yields a tiny amount, is in the city.

Statistically speaking, the Air Mat run is the most popular as it is the least effort for the occupants and yields the most. If you absolutely have to mat run even though you hate it, finding a good pilot and doing the Air run is your best bet.

Guns and drug dealers have no levels.

This means no more "selling 200 sdpistols so you can magically make M4s out of nowhere". To make better guns, you have to buy the blueprints to do so

Community punishment - piss off enough people and gangs will join together to turn on you



So what is there for me to do?

The best thing for any new player to do is seek out and join a gang.

Magnolia Crew (orange names)

Headed by Chris Bell, irl black person extraordinaire, the hugely vast MagC immigrated from SZR and helped found primNet. Join this if you're looking for hardcore grinding 24/7, but stay away if you're fun loving with a sense of humor. It won't go far there.

Sicilian Security Firm; The Mafia (red names)

Lead by Adj and Johnny Sciacca, he Mafia are a closely knit gang with one of the longest histories. Like MagC, they also prioritize RP, so any new players would be more than welcome here. Known for traveling around in huge fuckoff convoys, and their enigmatic leader Adj who has RSI (he literally got carpal tunnel syndrome from playing this game too much) IRL and requires his subordinate Johnny Sciacca to do his talking for him, making him seem eerily like the typical "old mafia boss in a wheelchair" that you'd see in movies.

The Bayside Syndicate (dark gray names)

Led by Erik Donkesson (SonOfDonkeyman), this faction of Russian gun smugglers controls the small town of Bayside to the north of San Fierro and doesn't look kindly on interference by outsiders in their affairs. Join this faction if you want to learn how to play the game, or if you want to be a burly Slavic arms dealer who fights with the government and police quite frequently. This will probably be a relatively RP-focused gang.

Orange Sunshine Brothers (dark orange names)

A group of stoners and hippies under Mickey Woo. They have a hand in many enterprises across the city, including drug and arms trafficking.

There are still gang slots open! If you and your buddies are good enough, you could be up here!


Don't feel like indulging in illegal activities and want to play it "legit"? Look into joining a "government" faction.

Honor Guard (royal blue names): The Post Apocalypse police department barely resemble their pre-apocalypse counterparts, and share little to no similarities in ethic. In a world where you're lucky to be alive, rights no longer exist. Their cars draped in blood red, the Police are more than willing to remind you of that*.

Don't fuck with the Guard. They have more powerful cars, armor, and one police officer can usually take out at least 2 people before succumbing. If you kill them, you'll receive little sympathy if they fuck you over completely. If you get antagonized by a cop, just remember that you're roleplaying a post apocalyptic society. You don't have rights, and you really don't want to die.

*within reason. There's an element of trust there, and if any of them do any ridiculous game breaking shit to a player, they will get removed and/or possibly banned. However this doesn't mean report wildly each time you get arrested.

Police superstar Gook taking one for the team


Underground News (light blue names): Armed with Windows 95 and shortwave radios, the will to be heard manifests itself in the form of Underground Radio. Essentially replacing the old "news", UR will keep the common folk galvanised and up to date on the recent happenings of Post Apocalypse Earth. Their sworn enemy is the Honor Guard, though face to face they have little choice but to cooperate. Use the power of words, not the fist!


Feel like playing it solo? It'll be difficult, but there's still plenty of things for you to do.

- If you rate yourself as a decent pilot (or play IL2), there's a lot of mat runners that will be pining for your services. Air Mat Runs are the most valuable, and require a pilot with pinpoint accuracy to be able to land and take off a Nevada transport from the cramped runway of the Rhoport. Though if you mess up and crash, it'll kill everyone inside, and probably make you a lot of enemies. Abandoned Nevadas spawn at the airport, decommissioned remnants of the fleeing military.

- Become an independent gun dealer. If you create a good enough reputation for yourself, you'll get a lot of business from both ends. Hang around at the Rhoport; planes will constantly be flying to and from. Strike deals with mat runners for their goods, and go sell guns at a premium rate to your customers.

- Get creative! The great thing about this server is you can make your own story. Use your imagination, pretend you're Mad Max himself for all we care!

A crack party in the Mafia's basement...


...turns sour when Mafia arrive



Things to remember:

- "DMing" is short for Deathmatching. This means killing people excessively without real reason. Don't do this.

- Don't fuck with the police. You have no rights in Bartercity.

- The Rhoport will be a popular hangout spot due to the surrounding weapons industry.

- If you're without a ride, take a bus from the newbie spawn. They're free and go to most major hotspots.

- Think before killing someone. If they're in a gang, or close to one, you're going to get owned.

- Morphine heals you, but after more than two hits, you overdose and die. It is meant to save you, not be used as a crutch.

- For the love of God don't fuck with police.


Admins & Community

Use /report to contact any admin online. We'll be more than happy to help you. Additionally, the Taxi faction (yellow names) exists solely to help new players.


Hell yeah let's do it

1. Install the Full Version of GTA SA on your hard drive. (If you're afraid that you've lost the key to your game, don't worry you won't need it.)

2. Download the multiplayer modification from http://www.sa-mp.com Go to the downloads section and download the Client. Once it has finished downloading run the install program and follow the instructions. Keep that website handy as they have continuously released updated server and client versions.

3. If you bought your disc after the hot coffee ordeal, your version of the game (2.0) is unmoddable. You will need to downgrade your client. If you haven't downgraded your client from 2.0 to 1.01 do it now. Remember you need to do this or the game won't run properly.

4. After the install, there should be a sa-mp executable. Run that. You will be presented with window. Click the Add Server button. Copy and paste this into the field: . The PN server should appear on your server list.

5. You will see a field that says Name: This is going to be your in-game name. We recommend that you use a <firstname>_<last name> format. This is a roleplaying server.

6. Once you've got your name in, make sure the server is selected and Connect to the server. Once everything is loaded you are probably staring at a selection screen. We're going to ignore that for now. You will need to press `, T, or F6 to bring up the chatbox in the game.

At this point sit back and read what the tutorial has to say. It will give some good pointers about the server and messageboards to read up on the going ons of this server. In case you missed it in the tutorial, you will want to visit http://www.ccngta.com from there you can go visit the forums for all the recent updates and changes, or you can go visit the wikipedia for a lot of useful information about the game mechanics. After the tutorial is over you will be placed in the game.

Additionally, if you need any help you can ask in this thread. Keep in mind that we're peaking at around 40 players on weekends, and we just launched 3 days ago. Now is a good time to get into the game while it's all relatively even.

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