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Graphics & Writer's Pad Index


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Graphics & Writer's Pad Index

(To be updated)


Here is the index page for the Graphics & Writers Pad. Use this to fly through important topics and other topics which have been added to the index:

Pages available:

The Epic Photoshop Help Thread - A nice thread for those either stuck, want to learn new techniques, or want to learn the program itself.

Feedback Topic - This topic is for feedback based on this sub-forum only (Graphics & Writers Pad).

Notice About Sig/Avatars - A notice on how to upload images you've created. Pretty helpful.

Sig/Avatar/Graphic Request Rules - Rules you have to follow if you are using your signature/avatar.

Image Hosting Websites:

ImageLodge.net - A great image/video hosting website. Use it to upload your signatures/avatars or anything else.

Imageshack - Another Image hosting website. Pretty Decent too.

Tinypic - Another image hosting website. Good one too.


That's all for now. Do you think anything needs adding? If so, please PM me!

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