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TGTAP, due to my forgetfulness, I might not update/check this topic too frequently. Sorry :)

I wasn't going to release this script until I fixed and added the new features which would increase the movement that you are able to do. However, I'm having serious troubles getting them to work, so here it is for now.

If any modders are expirienced with sine or cosine or simply know how to add more rotation to the surfboard, they are urged to help me with this damned thing! Lol...

Put cjsurf.cs in your "cleo" folder (with CLEO installed).

Type "surf" in while playing and you'll be on your magical flying surfboard.

Movement acts kinda like the jetpack.

"Sprint" = raises you.

"Jump" = lowers you.

"Up" = Accelerate

"Down" = Brake

"Left" = Turn left.

"Right" = Turn right.

If you are above ground, you will slowly lower over time. If you are in movement, you will also slow down to a halt. It works just like a car in this way. If you are close to ground, you will stay on it as if you were riding on the ground. However, if you come to a large enough gap, you will simply continue forward (flying).


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