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Weird Colors


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I was playing san andreas when i decided to change de resolution! And when i returned to the game all the shadows were weird, the fire from de explosions was kinda green aswell as the water...

So, i changed the resolution back and nothing happened, i still have got those weird colors

Click here for a picture!

Oh and btw i have an Nvidia 9600 GT card so.. this wasn't supposed to happen..

Thanks in advance

I hope that someone can help me :unsure:

[ Sorry for my english :innocent:]

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You must've accidentally set the resolution to 1680x1050x16. That means you've put it on 16-bit color depth, which means that the computer now has 1/256 the amount of data it did before to describe what color each pixel should be. So, the computer has less colors to choose from and some turn out kinda odd, like you said.

Make sure the resolution is 1680x1050x32, that will give you 32-bit color depth, give the computer more colors to choose from, and return the look to normal.

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