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How do i make sound mods?

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I am currently making my first mod for gta san andreas, it is a car sound mod for the mazda rx7 and i need some help?

so far i have recorded all of the sounds through audicity, i am not sure what to do next as i made the sounds, installed them and the game crashed when i got in the car.

i would really like to finnish this mod as the sounds are amazing, and i will be releasing it when its finnished.

if you can give me a quick guied on how to make sound mods please i will finnish it and get it up for download as quickly as phossible.


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no, its very easy to install them using saat, just find the sounds you want to replace and then import the new sounds.

you can apply thse sounds to any car you like, you just have to find whare each sound is, heres a guid for the sound banks;


i made the sounds by recording them from videos from the web with a program called audicity, it is quite hard to make them work, and you often get crackly rubbish sounds with some of them.

The first sounds i recorded were from the fd rx7 that han drives in tokyo drift, but they didnt work out so good as their was always music playing in the background.

so i got some for any modified fd rx-7

this is whare the mod is;


its not uploaded yet because it needs to be checked and stuff but it shouldnt take to long

hope you like it :]

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Its been their for a while now :( still no comments.

the next project i want to do is some sounds for a nissan sr20DET motor, but only if people like my work so far, or no point.

if people could just test it out and tell me what you think that would be great .

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Hey I am trying to make a car sound mod too. I have the sound recorded in audacity, made sure there was no clipping.etc and loaded it into San Andreas but it is just really quiet and all crackly and grainy. Any ideas? I can attatch the file if you need it.

P.S made this account just to ask

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