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-=-gta sa img tool 2.0-=- NEED HELP-=-

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i really kno wat im doing ive been doing this for awhile working with mods i have stopped for awhile though :|

ok so im trying to install a lowrider mod for my bicycle and when i open up img tool the 1st pop=up says "failed to set data for'"

so i thought it was nothing so i continue with the .txds and .dffs

so when im finish replacing i click rebuild archive. the files load the % when its done i get on the bottom (where the % of loading is) it says rebuilding archive in * (example:like 66 secs.)so i wait the time has gone by and i start up my game, i spawn the car (trainer) and what happens?same old ugly looking superGt

so i started all over again this time with brassknuckle skins same thing happens

can anyone help me plz id be very thankful

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