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New weapons


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Adding new weapons ain't just some fancy editing in files.If you want to add new weapons, only way is to mod your game.Ok so I'll tell you what to do:

-Download IMG Tool.

-Download the weapon files you want [usually you find it in a .rar archive]

-Extract the weapon files in a folder. [weapons file are weapon.dff and weapon.txd <- instead of 'weapon', it'll be the weapon name, eg: ruger.dff/ruger.txd]

-Open IMG Tool, and open GTA3.img which you find in the models folder.

-Search in the GTA3.img for the weapon's .dff and .txd, and make a backup [recommended]

-After making a backup of the two files, delete them from the .img file

-Then, click on the 'Commands' tab, and select 'Add'

-Search for the downloaded .txd and .dff files [should be in the folder you extracted them from the .rar archive]

-After the files are added, click on 'Commands' tab, click 'Rebuild Archive', and wait for it to rebuild [should take around 60-70 seconds]

-Then start the game and see if it worked [if it didn't work, best is to delete them from the .img file and replace them with the backed up files]

Hope I helped.I kinda forgot what to do with .col files, since deleted the game some months ago, but the only way to add weapons, as far as I know, is by modding and replacing old.No other weapon can be added.

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Maybe I can help, It's been awhile but I did a little of this.

Files ending in .COL are collision files, that tell the game how the objects they refer to interact w/ other objects in the game. The models will have two files for each, one .DFF (the actual model) & a .TXD (the textures). The .DFF will just be a blank white object, like a car & .TXD will have the paintjob & other colored parts.

Samil has you on the right track for the models, just remember to make a back up copy of any file you're going to edit before you start. What probably went wrong is something got deleted but wasn't replaced. this will cause the game to crash on loading. Suggest changing one thing at a time (model & texture for each) & test after each change.

As for damage the weapon does, WEAPON.DAT in the DATA folder has that info & is a simple text file.

Good luck.

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