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Sleepy Jingles

GTA3 character creation

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Name: Akeem Johnson

Age: 30

Nationality: black

Current location: liberty city, vice city, San Andréa’s

Pervious occupation: bodyguard to the boss’s disabled son

Attire: black dreads w/bandana, brown eyes, bread, red storm sunglasses, Orlando magic jersey w/iced out chain, blue Nikes (size 16 1/2) and black baggy pants

Fighting style: none

Gang: none

History: 11/21/08 was sentence to death in prison for the murder of Paula McDoogle from vice city 2 hours after the investigation in vice city court house he denies everything that the father of Paula McDoogle is saying, after they arrive in liberty city he & a friend of his were running from the police and a police car exploded by a jackbomb, 15mins later they got a change in different clothing at red lights district and on his first mission Peggy Sue Marshall the boss told him to pick up her son Jake Raines from the hospital, and keep an eye out in red lights district apartment, once you go to Wichita gardens don’t let the other gangs kidnap. And he did what she said. But now he must rescue the boy and make his boss happy again.


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