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Adding new vehicles to gta sa


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i wonder has any one tried yet to add new vehicle to gta sa if so thn plz tell me how to do that

this is possible as i seen some forum telling about adding in gta vc but i m more interested in adding new vehicles specially bikes in gta sa

i want this bcoz at most i can replace 4-5 bikes to new ones but i have more of thm which i want to add so kindly help me in doing that give full method as i m doing tht first tym

plz dudes help me to solve this....

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I successfully added two new bikes in game


I can use thm like others no crash.

I can choose color for thm


No name pops on screen when i use thm

No sounds yet

I m working on disadvantages

And on custom handling line

Wil post asa i wil get it corrected

Any hlp would be appreciated

I thnk i need sm tool posted by alexander but links r dead

So i hv made request in another post...

My work totally based on increasing number of bikes

Once done i wil move to others

Help me dudes in any way u can

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i need some help i created 12 bikes and installed successfully

my game doesnot crashes n runs well without sounds in new addons but when i use asi loader and vehicleaudioeditor the game crashes instant without starting

debug file:


can anyone tell what is wrong with it

n can anyone tell how to use saloader to load dll's as i may be doing it wrong bcoz before this step everything works fine n as soon i use sa loader the game does not start

plz help me dudes

i m stuck ...

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you should use gta mod installer for cars and bikes and planes

thanx but i wanted to add extra vehicles not replace existing ones

i did it with the help of tutorial and now i have 17 new vehicles in gta sa and 16 of them are bikes all of them are working correctly and having sounds too.

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