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[REL] Police Pursuit Mod 7.5b

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Hey guys, I'm releasing the latest version of my mod. I hope you guys like it.

Brief Description:

This mod will allow users to take on the roll as a Police Officer conducting the day to day duties a regular police officer would have but in GTA IV style.

You will face various missions and scenarios that will require different actions to complete. For example, one minute you could be performing a standard Traffic Stop on a vehicle that perhaps jumped a red light... to taking down a Terrorist that has poisoned locals. The missions are very varied and yes there is of course a lot of Police Pursuits that occur! :)

You can spawn vehicles, partners, request backup (including SWAT and Air Support) plus much much more.

Enjoy :)

You can crab the mod here: http://mods.team-neo.com

The latest info will be posted on the above mentioned website. :)

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