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HELP! Car Mods (Spark IV), Worked Fine, Now lost all Vehicles in Game / Game Crashes in Loading

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OK so I've been installing mods for a few months now and recently while playing about with some new mods, then restoring previous mods backup it screwed up the game. I would load the game and 1 of 2 things would happen, either it would load in but no vehicles exist (also noticed other things missing like the phone) or it would crash in the loading phase. I own GTA IV on Steam, so I deleted local files (uninstalled) and re downloaded the game, it worked fine with no mods installed and my last save games, then when I installed the mods that I had previously used before any issues (so they should all be working fine) it goes back to the problems. So I then got rid of the mods by loading my backup database of the car mods back in (again using Spark IV) yet the problem still exists.

I have no idea what's causing it or if there is any fix. Any help from the experienced users here would be much appreciated.


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