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Help pls!

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I have a problem with installation GTA4 , i both a new compiuter and i decided to install GTA 4 , I installed the game and after 5month playing i decided to delete the game . I had problem deleting the game by /Control Panel/Add or Remowe Programs/GTA4 , so i just deleted manualy ( I deledet /Program Files/GTA4/ and all ther is ) So yestuday i triead toinstall the game and then When i click install it only installs RSCG (Rockstar Game Social Club) and it can't install GTA 4 the game when i go to /Program Files/ ther is only RSCG and ther shuld be GTA 4 file!!

Can anyone help me pls!!

If anyone nows the answer , pls tell me .

My msn : [email protected]

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