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Help error on V1gta

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Hay guys ive been playing gta iv on ps3 for years but when gta come out i was given a version for the pc i opened it yesterday and installed it on the pc to plat IV:MP and also to see what its like but it doesnt support direct x 11 so ive had to use a old laggy comp and its pissing me off is there anyway possible to get it to work on this ive tryed on compatiblity and trough steam but no hope the computer was custom build with the i7 extreme and a direct x 9 sound card build into the mother bord and a 2gb graphics card and loads of other stuff including windows 7 untimate the computer runs meny games on ti like black ops and gta sa (of course) but it plays all directx games but gta any help would be apreashated

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