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Underbelly season 1 is an Australian TV series based on the real 10 year gang war that haunted the country with an impressive body count. Also there's a book( boo :P ).

I've only watched season 1, it's like 13 episodes long. There's another 3 seasons but they're not as good as the first from what I hear, plus they aren't about this 10 year gang war.

It has a great atmosphere, really gritty and shit. It's really a great crime drama, if you're itching for something new after watching the Sopranos, this could be your solution.


Pretty cheap in the UK so if you're in Europe, it's a good buy.

I know I haven't exactly build a compelling case but I urge you to search past this topic, it's pretty great and I personally recommend it for what it's worth.

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