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  1. Playing Max Payne 3, being portuguese never felt this good,

  2. Was in London to see Chelsea-Benfica. Cool place and cool people.

  3. Oh come on he knew damn well that when he started to mess with his head, he was gonna hurt him. It's not like you decide to ruin someone's privacy like that and then go "whoops, had no idea I was doing anything wrong, sorry bro." I'm sure he didn't mean to push him to his death but still, it's such a nasty thing to do. I don't know about the sentence, 10 years sounds like a lot of time but if he got 1 or 2, would that really change people's mentality towards this issue? Honestly, I'm not sure. Living with that kid's death will be a massive burden anyway, regardless of jail time.
  4. I know some colonies were totally raped but let me tell you that Angola, for example, was a hell of a lot better when it was in the hands of the portuguese. My mom lived there pretty well and she was shocked to see how undeveloped Portugal was when she escaped. I don't know, I think they have conflict and war in their blood, so many years have passed and things are still so bad in Africa. You can blame the white men but now that they are free they have done nothing but slaughter their own people. I don't think they'll be able to pull through on their own. I mean, in Europe we had some pretty screwed up situations but we had a different mentality. Like the germans that rebuilt their country after the war so quickly and effectively. I don't think africans have the means to do an equal ammount of effort. Anyway, been reading up quite a bi on this subject. Must say I don't trust Invisible Children at all.
  5. On our way to the Champions's League finals!

  6. Yeah, I would love to see them live, mainly to see Sean and Jerry.
  7. Jerry is a great guitar player and amazing songwriter, but singing isn't his strong at all. Like I said, the first album is really just to avoid. Second one has good lyrics and shit, but his singing is really repetitive. Still, it's it has a couple of great songs. I'm an absolute Layne fanboy but I put that asside for this latest album and I still can't enjoy it. Duvall is a good singer and I respect him but Layne not only gave a lot more soul to the lyrics but he could also sing a lot better and hit some ridiculous notes. You could feel his pain in the songs, because either he wrote them or they were written for him. He was Jerry's "muse" after all. With Duvall, I just don't feel it. But I'm happy they moved on, there was no reason not to. I'm not sure they should have kept the name but it doesn't bother me.
  8. My psicology teacher is obssessed with that band. Been listening to Jerry Cantrell's solo work. His first album is pretty forgetable but Degradation Trip has some great songs like Locked On and Solitude. Also been listening to My sister's machine, amazing how this band didn't make it. They may copy AIC's style a bit but they have some great tunes.
  9. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie- Good transition from anime to film. Good stuff. Cela 211- Amazing movie about spanish prisions. Sunset Limited- Awesome movie. No special effects, no crazy sets just 90 min filled with great dialogue. Chinatown- Great movie by Polanski. I prefer this type of Noir film. Nicholson is great in the movie. Dot the I- Brilliant concept, okay movie. Garcia Bernal is still amazing.
  10. I used to kinda ignore this all thing, but it seems more serious now. Is there actually any chance they might approve this?
  11. I have a pretty big collection of gaming magazines. It used to be way cooler in the old days, because of all the ps2 demos and stuff. Now it's kinda pointless. Plus, they're kinda terrible here in Portugal, in terms of writting and stuff,
  12. Bronson: After watching it, I suppose I understand why they could call it a modern day Clockwork Orange. It's not as good as it but let's face it, it's pretty damn hard anyway. The film has a lot of style, it's funny and disturbing at the same time and Tom Hardy really gets the part perfectly. All in all, very satisfying experience. Also re watched Blood Diamond and Godbye Lenine, in class, both great films.
  13. The King: Probably one of the weirdest movies I've ever watched. I still don't know whether I like it or not, but it sure has stayed in my head for a quite a while, which is always a good thing. Plus, Gael Garcia Bernal is just a beast of an actor. Man, he aces every single line, every single expression. He even managed to improve on his performance from the wonderfull amores perros.
  14. I guess I'm the only one to really dislike the game then, uh? Stopped playing after 35 hours, it wasn't just the bugs. Everything just seemed so boring to me.
  15. You're lucky. Try playing the PS3 version, the lag is completely game breaking.
  16. Sorry man, still really dislike that movie haha. So haven't really had time to watch movies, had to study history hard. I did watch a musical though, Les Parapluies de Cherbourg. I'll be honest, it's the first musical I've watched till the actual end and somehow I actually really like it, something I did not expect. The singing is great, Catherine Deneuve is brilliant and it's a surprisingly good romantic tale, a quite depressing one though. Also watched half an hour of 2 ou 3 choses que je sais d'elle. I couldn't watch it till the end, it's super pretentious and annoying. I usually love french cinema but this I cannot stand.
  17. Lol I bet you used to tell people you used to be addicted to drug's.. When really, its just abit of puff haha and whats with the kid comment eh? I'm not the 17 year old who can't even legally move out his parents house, you are. Maybe you shouldn't put your real age on ur profile page before calling people kid's! Secondly, I was acctually quoting one of my favorite TV show's if you must know *face palm* Hemp has some pretty good use's as well, it would make a great alternative to cutting down tree's Drinking is over rated tbh.. Sure you feel great when you are drunk, but you always regret it the next day when you've got a hang over, or even worse and you give urself alcohol poisoning. You can over dose on alcohol, but you sure as hell can't over dose on marijuana! Although like some of you have already pointed out, the drug has different effect's on different people. Zing! I never said I was an addict, because I wasn't. Maybe I was in a sort of emotional way, but not physically if I'm making myself clear. Aside from 3 close friends, this is the first time I speak about this. I didn't even want to talk about it online since it's hard for me, but I figured I could offer my limited experience, so other people wouldn't get fucked. But thanks for making this real easy, douche. I may live in a shitty country, but that says nothing about me or DH. You live in a cool country and you're a racist ignorant. Kind of destroys you whole argument, eh? Didn't mean to continue the off topicness, but I didn't want to leave you unanswered.
  18. I just ask they get a better selection of reggae. Too much Bob Marley, leaving out the other awesome marleys and guys like SOJA and Dub Inc.
  19. Watched a ton of movies since the last post, so I'll keep this just related to last week: The straight story- Amazing and touching movie. Watched it when I couldn't sleep like at 5 am, went to bed after it a happy dude. Thin Red Line- One of my new favourite movies, just incredible in so many levels. The midnight cowboy- Awesome movie, great performance by Dustin Hoffman. Dances with wolves- Watched it in english class, good movie, I dislike Kevin Costner though.
  20. Ever heard temple of the dog? It's with the singer from soundgarden and a bunch of other dudes, it's only an album and it's dedicated to a friend of Layne Staley who died from heroin overdose. It's pretty cool. Lately I've been listening to a lot of portuguese rap, it's incredibly good.

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      No! Lets not go Benfica! :P

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      bit late i know but hey :P

  22. Do you have anything revelant to say or are you going to continue to play the "cool kid" part? We get it, you do drugs, awesome. On the subject of soft drugs, I think the problem that most kids are facing is that the drugs they buy aren't natural. It's one thing to smoke completely pure weed, another to smoke this shit that's been infested with other crap. No to mention dealers sometimes slip harder drugs in soft drugs, it's happened to me. Having gone through a hard time because of soft drugs, I can't help but agree with Gerard. It's not like I even smoked all that much, sure it was most weekdays but the quantity wasn't huge. However, it left me some serious scars, anxiety issues, insomnia, a bunch of things. It's because I suffered though that I managed to stop, maybe if none of this happened, in a few years it could be a lot worse. I smoke a couple of cigs a day and a few drings friday nights but no drugs anymore or anything like it. Even moderatly, smoking has also affect me a bit, my physical shape has been worse. Bottom line, I don't blame people who do soft drugs, however keep in mind that the risk is not worth it. I know for a fact, for example, that 17-20 years old who don't even smoke all that much drugs, can suffer from a mental problem. You do not want that. Sure you see those rastafari dudes who have been smoking for 50 years and are okay, but the same might not happen to you. And like I said, the risk is far too big.
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