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Need help installing gta 4 patch & mods

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Ok well I bought gta 4 v1.0.0.0 and I have dial up so I can't really install patch directly so I downloaded it from friends v1.0.4 and tried installing it. I think it worked but it doesn't tell me the new version it still says v1.0.0.0 . Next I installed some files to help mod. Asi loader, scripthook, then there's (dsound.dll & xlive.dll which one do I put into gta 4 directory?!) Then I also put in ingame trainer.asi & .ini and then the cloths.dat. But when I open gta 4 it says starting a new game then crashes. I tried to fix it I don't know what's wrong I can't sign in without it telling me to download update...

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