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World Wide Roleplay - [ Zombie Server ll Teamspeak ll Vbulltien Forums ll Great Staff ll HOSTED ll Great RolePlayers ll And more ll ]

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Welcome to World Wide Roleplay, we are the new world of San Andreas...Come on and enjoy your time with us! Let's talk some more ( you read some more )



Click Here

Events: Our server is fulled with IG events daily, whether it's TDM, DM or Racing. Other events ( considered announced before event time ) are posted on our forums in the announcements section ( we'll have a different section for that soon )...basically...we would let you know the schedule of the event date..then on that date..the time when we have most players on we begin that event...and the forums will be closed with it showing " Event in Progress IG ".

Donations: To keep our server live, we are always look for donaters, whether is helping the server, buying admin or VIP, we are always looking for people do donate for something...by donating the community will appreciate that from from you! All Donations ( whether you don't even play on our server ) must be sent to "[email protected]".

Staff: Our staff team is highly trained...we might have alot of admins on our team, but we have admins that come on at certain timezones of the day to administrate, as well we have a admin duty system which toggles you with a message when you are authorized to go on admin duty! Admin Applications are open!


The Script: Our script is a copy from another server that we won't mention, in the writing of our script we have changed, removed and added alot of Unique Features that are "admin" and "player" friendly. Our script is now known as Unique because of the massive work that we have done in it..we are looking for scripters, keep updated to the development section on the forums if you are interested!


Our Current Factions Are:

  • LSPD ( Already Lead )
  • F.B.I. ( Already Lead - Needs Members )
  • S.A.S.D. ( Already Lead...Opening 9/1 GMT-4 at 7:30 PM )
  • Fire Department of San Andreas ( I need of leader - Contact Jake Winston )
  • National Guard ( Already Lead )
  • San Andreas News ( Already Lead - Needs Members )
  • The Nation of Tierra Robada ( Already Lead - Contact Jake Winston for me Information )



Click Here

Server IP:

Teamspeak IP: atl01.bargainvoice.com:7795

Zombie Server IP:

Alright, we hope to see all your RP'ers!


To be refunded, you must post a Refund Request on our forums with SS...we do not do IG refunds without a valid request that has been accepted on the forums!

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