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Handling.dat (need some help with this)

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So since i drive around in GTA IV alot and it got me bored i wanted to add drift handlings to my comet. so i tried about 100 times no work well this is what happens

This is what i do exactly.

1. go to GTA IV data

2. Right click handling.dat - properties - read only OFF - apply - ok

3. paste my handling over comets handling

4. close handling.dat

5. properties - read-only on - apply - ok

6. launch game

This is what happens

i get the cmd screen as usual normally GTA would popup about now. but then the cmd screen closes this normally not happen after waiting a while nothing happens and nothing does anything the game wouldnt even popup..

so how do i fix this can somebody help me? maybe with teamviewer or something?


I run the handling file as administrator


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