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The Bianco Crime Famiglia (GTAForums.com Gang)

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*The Bianco Crime Famiglia is a GTA based Cosa Nostra which operates from GTAForums.com.*



In 1919 Vittore Bianco came to Liberty City from the small island of Sicily for a fresh start. He was hoping to become a banker or a lawyer or some sort of business man. Well he did end up as a business man but not the type of business he had in mind. He slowly started extorting small business and rackets all around Alderney City, mostly in illegal casinos and gambling dens. But soon prohibition hit Liberty City and he got into boot legging imported alcohol also building many stills around the city. This is not the fresh start he had in mind. Vittore had his first born son in 1931, shortly after in 1945 Vittore died of a heart attack. His son Vito was left to carry on his father’s name. Vito grew up working down at the docks of Port Tudor working beside a young man named Franco Sangue also the son of a Italian immigrate to Liberty City. The two became great friends and when Vitto turned 21 he was visited by a well dressed man who said he was a friend of his father, this man said he was left in charge of Vittore Bianco’s business until his son was 21 years old. Vitto was quickly brought into the life of organized crime just as his father was. Vito brought his good friend Franco to work alongside him as they did when they were kids. Vito soon rose to power over the small city of Alderney. Just like his father he had a first born son to carry on his name. In the year 1987 Vito Biancos first grandchild Aroldo Bianco was born. Vito took great care of his grandson now that he has been able to free up some of his time by letting his son Aldo take over the family business. One dark rainy day in the year 1996 Aldo Bianco was killed in a car bombing, Vito went into a tyrant rage. He got every man he could to find the people who murdered his son; about 6 months after Aldo was killed Vito had found the men who murdered his one and only son. On a bright summer day on the birthday of his only grandchild he took his revenge on the ones who had taken his son away from him. When Vito’s grandson Aroldo was 12 years old he took him under his wing and teached him all about the family business so when he passed the Bianco Family will live on. In 2008 Vito Bianco passed away from lung cancer, Aroldo was 21 years of age and he was left with responsibility to run the family business.

Famiglia di Bianco Oggi:


After the death of Vito Bianco Aroldo was left to take over. Aroldo didn’t know what to do with his grandfather’s organization. One day Aroldo was going down the road and he heard gun shots. He stopped to investigate and he saw that it was a drug deal gone wrong. He hid against a wall and watched down this alley, he watched as a small fire fight ensued. After the shooting stopped he slowly went down the alley, all he saw was body’s and smoke in the air. Then he heard a groan, someone was still alive. It was a local drug dealer by the name of Pazzo Sangue. He helped Pazzo up and told him who he was. After a while of working together the two became good friends. Starting to do jobs here and there together, after a while Pazzo soon became Aroldo's new Underboss of his families business.

Famiglia di Bianco Ora:

Many months have gone by since Aroldo and Pazzo went into business together. In the past months there small crew has formed into a family. One of the biggest and fastest growing organizations within Liberty City. Aroldo had come across a young Irish business man by the name of Doc Faustino. Doc was found to be quite wise and witty in which he became the Biancos new Conisigliere. Even though the Bianco began to grow there was always problems along the way. Confrontations with a corrupt banker turned politician made many obstacles for the Biancos. This politician was trying to do whatever he could to make the Biancos go out of commission. Pazzo did not like him one bit, neither did Doc. However Doc was always able to get close to this politician. So on one dark rainy day Aroldo gave the order to "take care of" this "mess" so to speak. Doc called to the politician for a meeting in the cemetery on Colony Island. They proceeded to walk n' talk until they came across an empty grave. In which Doc pulled out a gun and shot the politician three times. Two in the chest and one in the throat, soon after he called to one of there new Capos to help him bury the body. After that it was back to business as usual, making new contacts and growing day by day.

Le Armi di Famiglia di Bianco di Scelta:

The Bianco Family uses a wide assortment of weapons but mostly sticks with a short list of easy accessible tools of destruction throughout the city. Such as the Glock17, Desert Eagle, AK-47, M4 Carbine, Micro-Uzi, Winchester 1300, Molotov, and Baseball Bat.

Garage di Famiglia di Bianco:

Transportation during jobs or meets is always a valuable concern. Vehicles must be durable along with speed. Not to forget agile that is why the Bianco family uses the fallowing vehicles. Admiral, Cavalcade, Cognoscenti, Emperor, Feroci, Intruder, Lokus, Marbelle, PMP 600, Presidente, Schaffter, Sentinle. All vehicles used by the Bianco Famiglia would be seen in either Black or Red.

Guardaroba di Famiglia di Bianco

Guardaroba di Famiglia di Bianco or Bianco Family Wardrobe. These parcels of clothing represent the official colors that make our uniform.

Capos and above:

Head (Any)

Torso (Any)

Legs (1, 2, 7, 8, 9)

Glasses (Any)

Hats (Any except 7, 8, 9, 10, 12)

Sgarrista and bellow:

Head (Any)

Torso (5)

Legs (1, 2, 7, 8, 9)

Glasses (Any)

Hats (Any except 7, 8, 9, 10, 12)


The Biancos mainly operate out of Port Tudor, a major shipping port within the city. In control of the area since the late 1920's the Biancos know of whatever good may be arriving in the port and can make sure that some of those goods "fall off" the back of a truck. However keeping a low profile as good honest business men they are not high on the FIB's watch list. But powerful and influential throughout the city with many police and other government officials in there pocket.

*Areas marked with Yellow Dots are known hangouts or places of business*


Storia di territorio:

Westdyke and Leftwood:

After the death of Jimmy Pegorino, North Alderney was left as open territory Aroldo and Doc made a case to the rest of the families that our family was made of model gangsters and low profile men of honor who have patiently waited in line for the top spot of Alderney, breaking no rules in the process. We argued that for these reasons, we should take over the operations rather than risk an all out war between each family, and in return, we would act as an Alderney set of eyes and ears during rough periods in the rest of Liberty City. Everyone agreed, and we secured the most important piece of our empire.


After infiltrating a roofer's union, Aroldo was able to secure more and more roofing contracts for construction companies of his friends and family. He would hand contracts to those he knew would never disappoint the customer, thus raising the reputation of all his roofing companies. At this time, leaks and shoddy housing materials in Acter raised the demand for more roofing construction. Becoming a bigshot in Acter meant a lot of things for Aroldo. It meant the townsfolk could come to him with their problems and consider them done. And sooner or later, he became a guardian angel for the whole town, and they would all call him Padrino. With Aroldo's help, the methheads stay out.

Port Tudor:

Thanks to connections back in Sicily, the family became a leading importer of Cuban Cigars, Scotch/Whiskey and fine Italian suits. As the biggest Port in the city, it's easy to let contraband be overlooked. And thanks to intimidation, the longshoremen have either been forced in to letting Bianco goods get smuggled through, or forced in to paying a tax to their mob-owned bosses.


Doc Faustino took a gamble on a strip club called Honkers. Today it serves as a front for prostitution and has grown to become the biggest in the city. From there, a few apartments were purchased using fake names to act as makeshift brothels when the heat comes down on Honkers. And its many cop-free zones and junkyards serve as an excellent place to avoid wiretaps and to begin shady business deals.

The Meat Quarter:

After gambling was legalized, the Meat Quarter gained the eye of the Bianco Family. Aroldo went to The Commission requesting permission to start operating over there, but he was denied. Unsatisfied with their decision, he plotted with Luca Silvestri to gain power in the area. The Meat Quarter had long been held by Pegorino Family caporegime Ray Boccino, but Aroldo wanted to move his men in to power. He sent word out to rebellious members of Boccino's crew that The Commission had given the order to murder their boss. 3 weeks later, he was murdered, and Aroldo was awarded the territory so long as he tied up any loose ends.


Purgatory fell upon the eyes of Pazzo. He saw some good action to made in the area through scamming people with the HighSpeed Highway Car Wash and the Pay n' Spray just down the street. Over charging people for low service turned out to be a great scheme. Not to mention the great potential he found in a local bar by the name of "The Lucky Winckel" cheating people at darts and selling booze out the back door wasn't a bad business. Along with many Deli's in the neighborhood he started up a small protection racket within Purgatory. Making sure no hoodlums or low life street gangs would intrude on his operations or even disturb his clients.


Free Modes: We are greatly populated into the Free Mode game type.

"Jobs": "Jobs" are contracts set out to individuals who may have shown disrespect or need to be sent a message.

Sit-Downs: A weekly meeting in which family members get together for a social gathering. Times of 'Sit-Downs' all vary to each listed time-zone. 8pm-9pm GMT 4pm-5pm EST 12pm-1pm PST.

Table: A traditional mafia term used for 'meet' or 'sit-down', however in this case this it is only for the "Administration".

Hazing: Some what "training" where any amount of members can go up against one another and practice there street tactics.

Bianco Productions: Many family members take part in filming many Bianco Productions such as our GTA Machinima series Kings of Liberty. Other Bianco Productions can be found on our youtube channel.


1. No one can present himself directly to another of our friends. There must be a third person to do it.

2. Always look out for friends of ours

3. Never go against friends of ours or the Borgata

4. Always be mature and hold to moral values.

5. Always being available for Cosa Nostra is a duty.

6. Appointments must absolutely be respected.

7. Woman are to be treated with respect.

8. When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth.

9. Never be seen in a blue vehicle/coquette.

10.People who can't be part of Cosa Nostra: anyone who shows no respect nor self-respect, no moral values, anyone who has loose lips.

*"Friends of ours" means any member within the Borgota (family)*

If you are interested in joining please fallow the Link and fill out the forum application located on the second post of the corrosponding thread.

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