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The Operator

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I just recently started to dabble in the art of machinima, as you could tell in my first video.

A lot of machinimas I've seen on youtube are entertaining, but they are more or less montages of action clips and non seemed like movies or a film, exception being 'The Trashmaster.'

My 1st video was an action/car chase type, no real story. Its about a group of guys robbing a club in Chinatown, the boss who set it all up uses the money for my main film


The Operator trailer

My main project is titled 'The Operator' its a story about a hitman hired to kill 4 targets. The short film is broken down into a trilogy.

The Operator Act 1: Accede

I am currently working on a Act 2

Hope you all enjoy, and please leave constructive comments

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