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futo gt, lozspeed uranas style mods

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hello there, this is my first post so please be nice haha.

ive only just started modding the vehicles in IV but i have a query, can i have cars work in the same way the futo gt works, by that i mean have a basic car (fiesta for example) and only when that car is entered will the odd "special edition" car appear (ken block's gymkhana fiesta).

i would try looking for an answer to this on my own but im really not sure what to look for. ive looked through the vehicles.img hoping to find secondary files but i never saw anything.

maybe im missing something.

any help or any light being shed on the situation would be much appreciated.


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This is probably a pretty complex thing to achieve with custom vehicles. I think the futo GT spawns anyway naturally, but confined to a certain area. It can and will spawn more often when you drive a futo though - however instead of being it's own car, I'm pretty sure it's generated with the extra 'parts' (rollcage, vinyls, hood etc) instead of being a separate vehicle class as it were. These 'parts' and when / whether they spawn are defined in the vehicles.ide file, but I have no idea how it works beyond that. So unless the mod was specifically set up with the base car and the option of having the 'parts' you're going to run into trouble.

I can suggest 2 things: add the gymkhana car into the game instead of replacing (it can be done!) and give it a similar set of values as the futo's GT variant (again, I'd have no idea how you'd do it, but shouldn't be too hard to figure out), OR if you want the car to be super - rare install it in place of the Sultan RS. Be warned though, they pop up fuckin' everywhere when you drive one, and it looks a bit silly (I have a race - prepped zonda in that slot : S )

If you've got any more questions, let me know :)

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yeah ok thanks, since posting i have found a few things out, such as the extra parts etc. once ive finished modding the cars im going to change every single vehicles IDE line to limit the number of that particular vehicle and how often it comes up. common everyday cars have a 100 and 999 respectively, that just means there can be 999 of them on screen, pretty stupid to me so il limit it to 10 or less depending on the car, ive made the infernus and the sultan RS values to 1 and 1. very rare and you will have the only one on the road as the maximum the game will display of that car is 1, yours. so there is a workaround for the annoying spawning that you mentioned.

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