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    General Music Chat?

    Title says it all... what albums you looking forward to this year? What are your favourite tunes right now? Who's the next big thing? Seeing anyone good soon? I'll start off by saying I know I've missed the boat a bit with dubstep, but really getting into it recently, especially remixes and stuff... (Trolly Snatcha, Nero, so on.) Along the same vein of British music, got cheap tickets to go and see Devlin with a mate which, given my soft spot for rap, should be good. Also the final tour of the Streets / Mike Skinner before he leaves the music industry (think he's going into films...) AND THEN... Blink - 182 in July supported by You me at Six which should kick some ass aswell. Also seriously hyped for Rise Against's new album called 'Endgame' coming out in March.
  2. MrLlamaLlama

    I haven't been here in a while

    I am also not dead. Yay.
  3. Max Payne 2 is £2.99 on Steam!

  4. Max Payne 2 is £2.99 on Steam!

    1. MrLlamaLlama
    2. BlackListedB


      Got it for PS2 a long time ago, but I had to supplant it with MP1 as well

  5. MrLlamaLlama

    Starting my crew, looking for like minded players

    Just dropping in to say I respect your vision. Good luck on your search dude!
  6. MrLlamaLlama

    Will GTA 5 be the best Rockstar's game?

    Rockstar presents table tennis. /thread.
  7. MrLlamaLlama

    IGN's Hands-on with GTA Online

    The variety in this game looks utterly insane. Vehicles, Missions, Characters, Landscapes, Guns - everything. I can tell i'm going to sink a ton of hours into the online if it hits PC. Probably won't go for an awful lot online on the 360, though.
  8. MrLlamaLlama

    Galaxy S4 SD Card causing S4 reboot loop?

    Are you running custom firmware or anything? This is the first thing that comes to mind. If you are look up the issue on XDA - developers. The other thing is to make sure you have a good quality brand of SD card such as sandisk - you can get these dead cheap off amazon these days. Failing this (ie, if your software is stock and so forth) submit a support ticket with samsung and i'm sure they'll help you out. Edit: holy shit it's kel, name changes confused me, how you goin' man?
  9. MrLlamaLlama

    Which system will you be getting GTA V on?

    I'll probably pick up a copy for the 360 just because i'm so damn hyped for the game, then get it on pc when it makes it there.
  10. MrLlamaLlama

    GTAOnline Official Gameplay Trailer!

    I can hear the Saint's Row 6 dev team crying themselves to sleep. Marvellous.
  11. MrLlamaLlama

    GTASA (Weird Error) ~ Assistance Required ?

    In the controls menu, what is your X key bound to? Any mods or so forth installed?
  12. MrLlamaLlama

    Dude with user tracks

    There should be a button for it you can define in the controls menu, it'll be called 'skip user tracks' - off the top of my head i think T does it, but don't quote me on that. Edit: If T doesn't work, the internet tells me [F5] should.
  13. MrLlamaLlama

    Change the nude skins

    They got removed from the game's files completely after R* faced legal pressure over them remaining in the game files.
  14. MrLlamaLlama

    I need help to change CJ Skin

    You'll need a chipped / modded console to read non -official disks. Unfortunately since this practice can lead to piracy in some cases we can't offer support much further than that. There are, however, many console modding forums out there which i recommend you turn to for your specific needs.
  15. MrLlamaLlama

    More New GTAV Screenshots from EDGE

    I found the handling in IV really rewarding to adapt to, i'm not sure whether i enjoy it more than the easy - to master arcade style that SA had, but i certainly don't feel as negatively about it as a lot of people seem to.
  16. MrLlamaLlama

    GTAIV PS2/3 controller emulator

    Google either Joy2key or Xpadder, choose which works for you. Enjoy.
  17. MrLlamaLlama

    First place to visit in GTA V?

    I like to think we'll be able to hitch up those gigantic trailers and attempt to scale chiliad just like we could in SA, so maybe that...
  18. MrLlamaLlama

    GTA IV Bug on login to Microsoft Live(PC)

    Always worth checking your firewall.
  19. MrLlamaLlama

    Utility Van Mods?

    NP, merged posts. I think the biggest favour you can do yourself at this point id learning to mod without SAMI - it's really not hard, and opens the door to alot more freedom and the ability to achieve the sort of results you're looking for. One of our admins Gerard wrote this thread a long time ago but it's still hugely relevant and useful. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/5959-sa-modding-guide/ I'm pretty sure you'll be able to give any car the ability to tow by leaving the handling/cfg files unchanged after you install a mod, instead of replacing the lines. This means your range rover will handle like a towtruck but will keep the towing, but you can change the handling later on once you learn the values that the handling file uses. Which usefully are explained here. edit: i know it's kinda hard to get your head around at first, but investing the time to learn pays off.
  20. MrLlamaLlama

    Utility Van Mods?

    I think where you're going wrong is with the replacing of the handling lines, i'm pretty sure that's where the whole towing thing gets calculated by the game. Try installing a mod to replace the towtruck (renaming the files of the mod etc) but without changing over the handling lines and let us know if that solves anything. Tuna, if you're literally incapable of even offering someone advice without insulting them then please do the world a favour.
  21. MrLlamaLlama

    Official GTA V Cover Art Revealed

    You're a case against your own point, sir. I'm here all week.
  22. MrLlamaLlama

    Official GTA V Cover Art Revealed

    Yeah, can't help but think If this was saint's row they'd have padded the extra space with pictures dildos because the entire development team have limited mental capabilities.