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GTA SA Downloaded save file crashes after load

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Hey I've been looking around and can't find anything on this topic.

Downloaded this save file http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f6246-gta-san-andreas-100-complete-pc

says any version....I am on version 1 right now....it says to put the gtasasf1 file in the spot of the other 1.

I do it and it loads perfectly, Until I get to the point where it finishes and the screen goes black...Then it comes up with windows trying to solve the problem and shuts down..

I am really confused and any help would be appreciated.

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The guy that posted it probably doesn't know what version he's on. He probably got it on Steam and thinks everyone has it. Try and look for another one that suits you. I'll remove it for now, thanks for letting us know.

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