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Stuck on a mission "Supply Lines" at San Fierro


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Hi there people.

For 5 days I have been trying to pass the mission "Supply Lines" at San Fierro, and no success.

On that mission you need to destroy the Berkley's 5 home delivery remote control vans, with an airplane toy, by shooting at them.

I am really out of my mind after these 5 days, and I can not pass this mission.

I know there are some tips like: not trying to spook the enemies by shooting from far and then chasing them. Instead I need to start shoot when I am close, and on a straight road.

I know I need to plan my mission, and kill first he closest vans. I know all that. Still I can not pass it.

I am not skillful enough.

I was wondering if there is some pro GTA player, who could complete this mission for me.

I would be very grateful on that.

Here is my save file:


Just extract it's content into "My Documents" folder (on Windows XP).


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well georgel...this mission can be done. all it takes is practice. i too hated it at one time. even refusing to do the Zero missions entirely. but supply lines is easy...

if you don't have a PC controller..(if you're playing on a PC that is)...get one. it will make life much, much easier. i've been playing GTA San Andreas since day 1. it is the only game i play. pretty sad huh?..lol. but a controller will hep you out a lot. all you need is a light touch on the controls...the buttons on most controllers are pressure sensative anyway....don't go full on...balls to the wall with it..you fuck up every time. ;-)

right now...since my favorite PS2-type PC controller broke recently...i'm going back through the game and doing it all by keyboard...lol. should be fun...

just go easy on the controller...whether or not you're on a PC....pressure sensative buttons...;-) ;-)

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