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SA PC Tools, From Russia with Love!


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<img src="http://thegtaplace.com/images/news/russialovemods.gif" width="200" height="150" border="0" align="left"> Today we bring you to two great tools all the way from Russia! This russian grand theft auto site has a few great tools and mods for San Andreas. The first one we bring you is a San Andreas admin console. It has many(and I mean many!) features. For instance while you play San Andreas and your car flips over right in the middle of the mission where say Sweet is in the car, you can ALT+TAB to the console and flip your car back over before it starts fire. It also has a build in "cheat machine" and you can spawn cars in any of your garages around San Andreas(without having cars already stored inside). There is many more features and is worth a download. The only bug I found inside is that they spelled Las Venturas as "Los Venturas".

Secondly, we bring you a San Andreas music extractor for the PC version. It allows you to extract all in-game music to a folder that you specify. It takes around 20-30 seconds to extract, depending on your PC. Here are some of the features:

• Automatic search for stream files (in local folders and CD/DVD drives, including virtual discs).

• The ability to select the destination folder for extracted tracks.

• Automatic moving of radio files to corresponding stations folders.

• Automatic renaming of tracks with proper names of songs and artists.

• Automatic merging of music chunks special options for DJ-style mixing are available).

• Automatic generation of WinAmp-compatible playlists (.m3u).

• Possibility to create one music file for each station.

Each radio station is extracted into it's own folder with a playlist file inside. You can open it with Winamp, but Windows Media player will also work. If you can't seem to play the ".m3u" files you will need to download a codec for it over here, but I already zipped that codec inside the zip file for the Music Extractor.

Links: GTA SA Admin Console , GTA SA Music Extractor(PC)

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