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Need help with a mission?

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The first mission

Your first real mission here is to escape from the Ballas gang members that are trying to gun you down while you bike away from the graveyard. Certainly not a proud moment in CJ’s life, and it can actually be a difficult task compared to some of the previous starter missions, so stay frosty! You’ll have to be conservative with your sprint, both because of the fact that you can’t pedal quickly for too long before you get tired, and because you have to make sure that you stay behind Sweet or Ryder as they lead you back to the hood. The Ballas are more trigger-happy than anything, so they won’t try too hard to run you down; just stay clear of the sides of their car and you should be able to avoid most of their gunfire.

When you get back to CJ’s house, the mission will end. You can now enter the house to save your game and start with the game’s core missions, but you’ll want to outfit yourself before you do so!

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Tagging Up Turf You'll watch a cutscene where Sweet tells you that he wants some other gang graffiti covered up, and will hand you a spray can. After a short clip of Smoke and Sweet playing basketball, you'll be ready to go. Get in Sweets car and drive him into Idlewood. As usual, follow your radar to help you get to the right place. Once you get there park in the red circle and Sweet will show you how to spray over tags. Once he's done the first one for you, it'll be up to you to do the other 2 remaining tags in that area. The first one is just across the road from where you'll be located on the side of a building, the next is in an alleyway behind the first row of houses. Spray over both tags, then get back in Sweets car. Drive into East Los Santos where you'll be given two more tags to spray, one is on the wall just across the road, and the other is on a wall just near Cluckin' Bell. When you reach the second one you'll need to take care of two Ballas Gang Members, and the hint at the top of the screen will show you that you can kill people with the spray can. Aim and them and hold circle until they die. Once they're gone, spray over the tag then you'll be given a yellow blip on the radar where you'll find the next tag. You'll be told to climb the fence as the next tag is above you, so do just that. Climb the first two fences, then use the low wall to climb up onto the roof. You'll find the tag on the side of the wall up there. Once that's sprayed Sweet will appear again and tell you to get in the car. Get in it and drive him back to Grove Street. Park in the red circle and watch the short cutscene to pass the mission.

Mission Passed!


Respect +

A Spray Can Is Now Available From CJ's Mom's House.

Enter CJ's house and pick up extra ammo for the spray can if you wish. Upon leaving the house you'll receive a phone call from Officer Hernandez telling you that leaving town would be a bad idea. That's right too, because if you try to leave Los Santos you'll get a four star wanted level! Enter Sweet's red circle for another mission, or go hunting for tags to spray over. There's 100 to find throughout Los Santos. You've already got 6.


Cleaning The Hood The Grove Street Families members are discussing what to do to clean the hood from the people who only care about smoking and money. Carl has an idea to bring the families back together and Ryder agrees. When you're outside get in the car and make your way to B-Dup's crib. Park in the red circle and watch the cutscene where B-Dup and Big Smoke seem to fall out with CJ and Ryder. After that you'll be outside, and you're going to look for some dealers to mash. Head to the yellow dot on the radar on foot and when you get close enough you'll see a small clip of a dealer selling to a member of the Grove Street Families. Head over and kill the dealer. Once he's dead you'll see another small cutscene where Ryder tells you he knows where the Ballas are hanging out, and he'll also tell you to grab the bat. When you're back in the game, grab the baseball bat, then head to the dot on the radar. If Ryder gets too far behind, just push up and you'll call him back over to you. Head into the red circle and you'll enter the building. Once inside you need to kill all of the Balla Drug Dealers, these are clearly marked with a blue arrow, so it should be no problem knowing who to hit. Use guns or the bat you picked up and wipe them out, then Ryder will tell you to go back outside. Find a vehicle and drive him back to Grove Street to pass the mission.

Mission Passed!

Respect +

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