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Mod request: NASCAR Sprint Cup Car

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So, I am a big fan of NASCAR, and I've been looking around the internet for NASCAR mods, but the only ones I found were all 2003 season, and with limited liveries. Can someone make the NASCAR cars of 2012, with the main 4 car models?

Toyota Camry: (Pics are kinda too big, here's the link to multiple pictures)

Optional: Can you make paintjobs of: The M&M 18, Home Depot 20, and FedEx 11?


Dodge Charger:

Optional: Can you make paintjobs of: Pennzoil 22, Lite 2?



Chevy Impala:

Optional: Can you make paintjobs of: Lowes 48, Mobil 14, AMP 88?




Ford Fusion:

Optional: Can you make paintjobs of: Aflac 99, 3M 16, and for fun, the Google Self-driving 10100?




I'm pretty excited if anyone's going to make the mod, so keep me updated :)

(Don't mean to sound like an impatient guy, but if anyone's going to make it, can you release it even with minor bugs, ty)

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