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Ode to the PC Elitist

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Stemming from user comments about GTA in HD and whether PC alone can offer that, I saw a few noteworthy comments regarding the PC Elite view and Console "fanboyz"

Fact is, consoles didn't just come up with the current crop, they've been here for all of our lives, A bit longer then home computers I'll also have you know. I was alive in all these years, I know the console gaming experience of the mid 70s, simple black and white graphics, Vector Graphics and Coleco / Adam of the 1980s, Tandy, Atari, Intellivision, simple stuff but if you wanted the real gaming experience, you went out to any arcade you can find with a pocket full of quarters.

To suggest the PC versions of GTA are HD is not fairly accurate. The comments that console owners and players voiced was with regard to GTA and Rockstar centering their engine and efforts for the well established console home gaming market. It got that way over time dedicating hardware specifically to gaming.

Computers allow this much more in recent years and decades, one can say since 2005, so the current battles have to do with more powerful consoles and PCs sharing similar capabilities...but all along, the PC is intended for anything it can do, a console is expressly made to do gaming, and do it as well as need be or expected

I've only come down on the side of controller comfort, which is not perfect, but nothing in this life is... And my purchasing based on proposed software obviously, as well as a capable entertainment system, in it's own way, the console can handle multiple entertainment needs, and against the PC's faster then normal evolution, meaning expense is greatly increased, even with lower software retails

This guy probably said it best in his response;

'I never understood how someone could seriously use that statement, "real gamer/true gamer". I guess we're supposed to only like and do what those people say is best. Ok everyone let's all cry together now because we don't have highend pc's. ps360x, we suck bro, our inferior consoles make us fake gamers. Why do we go on living?'

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