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    Tips for Gameplay; Last Of Us

    Oh, and also, can anyone share some video or review of the Remixed....Remastered edition of Last of Us from Naughty Dog for Playstation 4 and Xbox One??! My question concerns my progress, I got out with two people in tow, trying to lead the party to safety or the next check point I came over-run by police at night, where the game gets pretty tricky, because it seemed they were closing in too fast for me to figure a safe path (not too far into the game, I believe) Also don't want to really put too much in the way of spoilers here, but even from the beginning of this game, based on how you view your surroundings during partial cinematics, you can gain a new experience upon playthru, however, I did feel it moves along at such a pace that at times it's hard to take all the art in, which I love to do when it comes to video game worlds, but it's also kinetic pacing that people enjoy at times.
  2. BlackListedB

    Five Then n Now

    If you've had the chance to have an early and played out version of GTA V for comparison, what do you think of the replay factor in such cases? I bought another Xbox in particular, having someone else's games on it's HDD, I took over their gameplay of GTA5, to see how different the game experience would be. I actually wound up with several base system 20Gig HDDs for Xbox360, and started GTA over for Playstation 3, one of the interesting factors in this is download updated and patches, fixes that Rockstar did for the SP version, Single player offline mode as well as the constant GTAO updates and changes. I wonder if you guys who've done some retro GTA games in regard to something similar, do you ever pine for that old Xbox blade GUI?! haha I took video when I did get the chance to own one, but like my PSP before, I updated with each new game as required, then lamented the fact I couldn't use the older firmware system as others had found neat exploits for that were no longer possible. One way in which this effected PS3 owners was original capability to dual boot a PS3 using Linux Redhat!
  3. BlackListedB

    Worst Year EVER!?

    Not for new games, media, concerts, but for deaths of notable artists on TV, film, and in music, actually going on two years now, most of who I idolized growing up have passed on or retired from the arts genres. Bill Paxton and host of the seminal Turner Movie Classics' Robert Osborne have passed on recently, and we lost a founding member of Rock and Roll, Mr. Chuck Berry. I really long more and more for a past we can never recapture, but gaming will keep getting better, but hoping we don't lose sight of what made the classics classic in the first place!!
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    Fly the Unfriendly Skies

    As you know, GTA isn't just about cars and trucks, we get a whole gamut of vehicles to exploit, and with that, let's clue you in on some places to look for wings. The first place I scored a choice of two identical helis was the hospital from where I'd just been discharged. That proved to be rather random and more then not, nothing was perched on top, however, Noted during parachuting and generally driving around the full map, there are other places you can instantly take to the skies above Los Santos. I wound up parachuting on a top secret or off-limits air field if memory serves, it's North West of Los Santos, up in the mountainous regions, I've only been there once so far, so not sure off hand, but as soon as I hit the ground I sustained terminal gunshot wounds, it's pretty hard to grab a chopper from that location, however... To the North East is a police station in the busier side of town, should be kitty corner to the bus depot and the street urchins we saw in the trailer who camp out under a city bridge, that's South of the depot for Dachound bussing Inside the police station, oddly, the lobby is open and permissible, as is an electric gate (located out back (to the North of the entrance inside) Once inside, you'll find some body armor laying on the ground, away from the check in desk. Several rooms appear to gain you entry into the heart of police activity, the hornet's nest. You'll want to opt for the door marked LOCKERS, I figured I might find a billy-club in there. What I found instead was stairs to the rooftop, and proved rather easy to evade police this time, however, once you break into any awaiting chopper on the roof, you'll already be coming under fire, elevate quickly while swerving and pitching to avoid landing gun fire on yourself. Make for the tallest building in LS, hide on the ladder system (behind it actually) and you can wait out the wanted level search. I did bail out of the heli to make that jump, but for a time you gain the police heli. Farther on the North East section of LS, near the beach front, there's a building labeled Los Santos Government Facility. which shows up as NOOSE on your in-game map. You can get past a single wanted star level busting through the gates (actually provoking them to open, actually) and get past and out of sight of the watchman at the gate who's your only real threat. There's again a ladder or two to the roof and awaiting helicopter. Now I don't know the real frequency they might appear, but I did these in short order, during one session, so it's very likely if you haven't had your own luck thus far.
  5. BlackListedB

    State of the PC

    2016, Microsoft Windows 10 given free for ltd. time, ends this summer, Techspot reports... Why? Due to lagging sales. PC support by Dell and others reportedly dropped off... New tech for PC not widely in circulation due to tablet and Smartphone computing, as well, the new consoles still looking to supplant their ten year old offspring. This post is to add in some info on 2016 and beyond and to see if you guys want to comment on the state of tech and your own hardware as of late. Are you focused on phone and console or have high hopes for new life in PC and laptop? Techspot reports on new Broadwell E processors and a new nVidia powerhouse PC graphics card said to offer an additional 25% gaming power improvement!! Begs the question, are you excited? Keeping up with the joneses or waiting to see more improving game console software? In addition to new pipeline news for the world of tech, one article proposes that AMD and nVidia will work together on some unknown project. This could be an all time first, ladies and gentleman, depending on what it is, and if pooled resources make a huge impact. Once upon a time, countless manufacturing brands existed for graphics cards and motherboards, and for those not in the know.... AMD and Intel competed for YEARS in CPU improvements, then AMD bought ATI graphics. Intel furthered their own Graphics Media Accelerators to just within barely acceptable gaming prowess within the CPUs themselves, and nVidia moved from console to handheld portables while continuing to further their PC card line.
  6. BlackListedB

    Red Dead Redemption 2, now official!

    Yeah, it's been a week of crazy speculation and a map that leaked for RDR2 cited as coming out in April thereabouts. I saw one leaked image and in the trailer, the same location appears shown, so I had little doubt it was to be an RDR successor, but why call it RDR2. when it's in actuality part of the lineage began with Red Dead Revolver? No matter, it's closest relations will be RDR (1) and GTA4 and 5, I say GTA 5 in particular because Rockstar's gaming engine developed for GTA4 as I recall it, RAGE... Has basically become the fruits of labor for Rockstar San Diego and Rockstar North sharing what works from the separate projects to master the coding and design needed for all Rockstar's digital playgrounds. The Digital Sandbox and third person perspective continue... I believe most advances one can expect will be present, like swimming, boating to a greater extent, and more interacting with animals and peds. Also I wager there MAY be a chance we can switch in and out of more then one or two characters as GTA5 permits. The idea works rather flawlessly, and it broke new ground for Rockstar and video gaming in general. So looking forward to NEXT Christmas.... This year's will be just another one
  7. I came upon Elmore Leonard in the mid 1980s when Glitz and 52 Pickup the MOVIE came out, based on his 1974 novel originally. Hard to believe it was so old based on the video and technology age that proceeded to follow the early 70s, (from 75 onward was the real explosion of computers and video) and the blackmail involved video evidence. It was breaking new ground in that regard, perhaps, as well. Elmore died summer 2013, but I'd just gotten through my own marathon of FX' TVs JUSTIFIED based on Elmore's Fire in The Hole as well as his own involvement in the series, up to his death http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/elmore-leonard-raylan-givens-3-book-collection-elmore-leonard/1108616326?ean=9780062207708 A chance for you to rediscover what makes his writings so ripe for adaptation, use a new fangled eReader, or pick up an original novel he penned. You'll likely see why even Stephen King showed his admiration, among others. He truly knows how to keep you turning pages! http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/glitz/ TV movie adaptation with Markie Post of Night Court fame and Jimmy Smits of LA Law fame, at the time. http://www.hachette.com.au/books/9780753819708/
  8. BlackListedB

    Far Cry 3

    I don't have this game just yet, a bit spendy, but TARGET stores in America have reduced the cost of the PC version to where it's worth a peek, however, Battlefield 3 Collector Edition on PC was chopped in half price wise, same store, saving you $30 bills off the $60 original price. PC only, consoles versions weren't really reduced, surprisingly, but I would say the game so far is garnering rave reviews and even before that it was interesting me in a purchase. If you've taken the plunge with FC3, post here about it and your feelings after a hands-on session
  9. Wow, I thought something the Don would say could wind up too big a foot in the mouth to remove, but anti-gov sentiment is part of the fury feeding Donald Trump's bid for the White House. I've been following this as someone GREATLY effected by the recession of 2007, in fact it's been my mid-life crisis for real. Losing a job after 16 years really puts you in a tail spin about the future. Trump wants to rebuild America's world standing and it's own self-worth, but as John McCain made the mistake of saying too loudly, some Ultra right wingers as they're called, or 'Crazies' attach themselves to his campaign as well, I think as someone also outside of politics as usual that Donald Trump's main issues is more in dealing with non-US entities of which he's not that experienced.... His tough words on immigration and the Chinese or Saudi's might backfire as well as US citizen support, but so far, he's still getting people excited about how to improve the US as a whole, what do you make of it all??
  10. I mentioned in the CTW thread I got iPods dirt cheap at a thrift store in Minnesota called Savers, Don't know how wide spread the chain is, but they're usually better then the Goodwills in town. Also a non profit called Freegeek turned around donated Apple iPads, just first and second gens so far, but dirt cheap as noted above. The most I paid was my first Apple iPad from Savers for $80 bucks, turns out that's eBay's price as well, so no real steal there. Thanks to buying GTA3 for iPod Touch and having it work on 4th gen spec, I used my account on the first 2nd gen IPad I bought, white with the camera built in and IIRC 16GB of memory versus 32GB for the Ipod Touch. Anywho, it downloaded easily to the more powerful, newer iPad 2nd gen with bigger screen and more power to show off the ware. I will say that it's a quirky control scheme, but you can adapt, and it's neat it's so easy to use and DL was valid for both Apple product thanks to iTunes working favorably this time (versus the usual complaints about the proprietary system)
  11. According to a tech article I came across, on the 21st of this month, thereabouts, Microsoft is expected to showcase some new OS features for Windows 10. What I think about this news is that if Windows 9 will still succeed Win8, it's likely going to be less mobile multi-platform, whereas, it looks like Windows 10 will again be for mobile uses with Metro desktop GUI and a new browser that's more aimed at 'lite' mobile use, as Opera and other mini (Android) OS like browsers (PS3's I think as an example) can be used in SMART TVs and the like
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    Reading Suggestions

    Normally I don't read TOO many books, but let me tell you guys, you absolutely won't be disappointed to check out John Elder Robison's book Look Me In The Eye about growing up with spectrum Aspergers, which is what I found out I have! My mom recommended the book, then to read of his younger brother's most harrowing tale in several books, One about demon drink, the other about a family falling apart irrevocably, entitled Running With Scissors and Wolf at the Table, a much more sobering telling of home life for John Elder's younger brother, as he had left home and recalls his life's adventures in the above mentioned book. Do yourselves a favor and check those books out!! The next big book I'd taken on partly when I found it, then as I was having surgery the past month, the Autobiography of WHO's guitarist Pete Townshend, a book that's hard to put down it's written as well as Pete sings and writes songs. If you love art and music, and want to know about the REAL Amazing Journey of the man's life, it's all there in 400 or 500 pages that took several years to write (He started in 1996 he recalls) Who I Am is the book's unassuming title
  13. I'm sad to say my hands are tied over bringing GTAChronicles website back to life, I helped formed the site from it's very first origins as the former Slamman, but STILL the SLAMMAN from GTAForums once I was banned over and over, and over again. My own opinions were just toooooooo brutally honest, if I made a mistake at all, GOD FORGIVE ME, must be perfect, unlike others.... ANYONE else it seems to me, not to rant on an old subject, but it seems like many forgot just what prompted the state we're in today. It's GTAForums banning people left and right without a fair hearing, their words and remarks stood like the Nazi tribunals and to me, that ain't how you run business. Forums are for the FANS voices, not STAFF, not Admin, NOT moderators, in so much as that's where people are walking on egg shells not to set their ire off. They just don't do the job tasked to them in any manner worth a salt. I tried to treat people as the Golden Rule dictates; treat people the way YOU want to be treated, if the shoe was on the other foot, you'd see Mods, Admin, Staff getting pretty upset if they were treated as underclass, but they had a virtual weapon at their disposal! BAN, or worse!?!? Anyway, GTAChronicles was a DIRECT answer to that, and it actually took off with the amount of members originally actually being active to at least post an introduction, but you don't and WON'T see that online now because it crashed, and wiped out the database at least 3 times in 4 odd years or so of putting our effort across. Hoping there is a future for a site for me and my friends, but this is it for the time being. Glad you guys are so understanding and welcoming, that's how active or not, you appeal to most people!
  14. Sony has a long history of trying to break new ground as Apple does, create in their hopes a paradigm shift in consumer's favorite electronic brand devices. While it would seem PS4 is doing really well up against Xbox One, PS Vita is languishing. Software reports along with any new news is fleeting, yet they remain rather high priced in the used market, and the evolution since 2005 has been a good one but I feel it's come up short and the main area is no Rockstar announcement of support yet. Along with your input regarding the handheld market, which I'd like to see posting about, how is your game systems in use holding up? Any Yellow or Red light of death or E74 like errors plaguing anyone in the past year or so??
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    Xbox 360 first to celebrate!

    Hey guys, gals... This year, as I likely mentioned earlier in Jan or Feb, marks the 10 year anniversary of Xbox 360, introduced in 2005 Also worth noting that year, as memory serves, Playstation Portable... the PSP also bowed out in 2005. Gaming in HiDef at the time was only available via Component video, Playstation Three a year later allowed HDMI and BluRay to become household names. Saints Row and Dead Rising were star Xbox attractions. Microsoft's Xenon addition 360 would be notorious for the first of endless hardware revisions to combat the dreaded Three Rings of Death RRoD And it should be said, they would readily admit to no fault of their own, eventually however, it came near a Class Action lawsuit to get some justice for those buying their's new
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    Saints Row VERSUS GTA

    I am not all that active, since I am committed to my friends forum and offline typo things, so not sure why I can't find a Saints Row topic here, but if you're like me, Saints Row and any GTA inspired game is less a rip-off then it is more of the same style 3D FreeRoaming Real World adventure game, and the ideas as I see it can be plenty, however, I don't like them deviating too far. The next title out this fall; Saints Row THE THIRD Looks to actually steal more thunder from GTA which as a title, sits idle. With the Teaser amount of information thus far, what are your opinions? Do you think You'll be more or less impressed as more is known? Will you be getting one or the other, or... GTA for sure, a given?? As far as the title, I was not sure where to post any SR topics as we learn more about it, but it looks rather revamped thus far.
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    TWD showdown with Negan

    Negan's company and oppression of Rick's group, our heroes of the series basically, begged the question of who will be picking up the pieces after a looming major conflict? And what will happen to old Trevor Philips?!? Are favorite voice character from GTA5 because he's lovably malicious, but not nearly as much as Negan appears to be.... As I predicted however in The Walking Dead, even if you don't or didn't follow the graphic novel comics, of which I saw some printed up in the press for the show, I got an idea of some major differences between the two story versions, still I think the AMC show has the best possible version of the Walking Dead story to tell, and as more groups are discovered, the unlikely alliances could help Rick's group win back their soverienty
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    The Lone (loner) Gunman

    Is the next rampaging mass murder yet another act of someone ostracised by suiciety (a play on words a friend's band coined) This latest California shooting points to a young man who took to venting publically but not nearly well enough to be legally stopped. Let's here some thoughts and opinions on this latest case of violence in the Real World? http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/santa-barbara-killer-parents-raced-stop-receiving-emails-article-1.1805455 It relates to how in some long standing respects, GTA and gamers in general are thought to be desensitized and don't understand how to conduct themselves properly in the Real World. I'm afraid there's some truth even in what we don't wish to hear or acknowledge. My stance is to be a voice for what is right among the gaming community, rather then let the naysayers win in saying one form of entertainment or social distraction should be the scapegoat of blame. Hopefully you'll take that stand with me! Though no blame on this particular case points to video game addiction, it's always something one might think about in passing due to the blighted past of such things. Social outbursts of directing anger in the completely wrong way. Dealing with troubled individuals will continue to plague society so just putting people in jail or ignoring them won't solve the hard issues
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    ISIS Crisis

    Not trying to be too glib, or glum, but the news of the new Islam State terror faction declaring a sort of war against the United States has raised a VERY serious discussion on USA Media about how the US Government will counter US citizen's deaths abroad. I'd like to hear from you guys as well since the USA Versus or War On Terror doesn't just concern us and a bunch of narrow minded thugs but Nuclear Wannabe Super Powers like North Korea or further conflict coming from Russia in the Ukraine and the seriousness of how this could lead to all out conflict, Dare I suggest WWIII?!? I've always wondered how the signs of the World's last days may present themselves, whether from a space meteor or man's inhumanity to man. It's disturbing no matter WHAT age you are!
  20. What kind of a God or Religion practices intolerance and cruelty? I know some of you are Atheists, but still with no proof you can provide against having Faith or that there is no Divinity.... I boil it down to Good Evil or Love and Hate. Their Hatred to Christianity and everything else is poison of the human soul.. I pray for healing for those all effected and to those diseffected who empathize with twisted ideology, you're wrong. COMPLETELY wrong. As I see it and always have, something resides outside the realm of man, as humans, men and woman, you YES YOU..... cannot determine what, who, or how that is meant to be served other then good is the way to strive for. Build up, do not tear down. It's much easier a path to hate and destroy it would appear. To do so is NOT RELIGION in any way, shape, or form, and it's certainly not aspiring to all that's good in man... (I speak of all humans, and what they SHOULD endeavor to do) World Peace maybe impossible, but everyone can make their own effort towards that goal to try and make it seem possible!! The idea that ISIS - ISIL is moving terrorists aka religious zealots between countries with refugees is morally repugnant. I don't want to disrespect any of the mass victims in the most recent assualt or prior ones, but I do believe one cannot be passive to their threat.
  21. BlackListedB

    Online Gaming TOO busy?

    Just my current musing shared here,. to add to the long drought of being away, my wish as I keep playing the old GTAs, etc. Is for some more thought of Rockstar adding DLC for single player, it seems with the goofy Hot Wheels tracks in GTAOnline and everything else breaking away from traditional GTA into Saint's Row territory has lost most of my interest in what makes GTA and Rockstar more unique. They are playing favorites when they try any favorable scheme, however, not against another Zombie spinoff for RDR2, however, it seems to me there is a strong horror reality vibe of sorts, and some SciFi leanings in it already. GTA as you know, as reality based as that series is, played to the idea of something 'Other-worldly'. The reason for this post is about lacking Single Player substance threat continuing despite the promise of more console power and ever increasing memory and storage. To me, Rockstar do spend the most, or brunt of their time at least, making a map to play in, thusly it can't have usable exploits based around the amount of missions in it's entirety, but one thought did occur to me for DLC, just as SIngle player mode had expanded with more music and cars-vehicles, Why not add new character NPCs to task missions in new locations left unexploited originally? For SP specifically
  22. BlackListedB


    Ok, not really GFX orientated but I did take commercial art after High School, I'm wondering why there's such a public presence of Instagram? Could it be tie ins to other large Social Media sites? One reason I'm asking is I basically didn't join sites just because of popularity but AOL initially based on the large celebrity presence, I thought that pretty interesting and never lost favor with their email client. When I heard there was Malware threat effecting the site, I opted to stay away, obviously with the continued popularity, it's assumedly safe, what's your thinking about the site, safety in use and how convenient it actually is?
  23. I thought I better see about some REAL PPL updates here on the friendliest, most inactive gaming site in the World, and yes, I'm still alive, and not plagued by the Virus ... Just reporting via laptop in the park here, that I'm avoiding cabin fever I don't normally have by just getting away from my truly obnoxious neighbor who is also a Stay at home-body, seems he nearly never goes out, and his mom or main came over to vacuum! ARGH, terrible racket he makes from time to time, but both hands on the controller, firmly in-the-game, I've spent more time concentrating on missions in GTA5 than I ever have, Without much of any cheating, and a misplaced Brady guide I know I bought for the game, I've been infinitely exploring the game's virtual avenues of you will. It's been too long since I contributed, and Stay At Home virus mandates around the world did cause an actual spike in online gaming, making the news. So... What aspect of your gaming life changed recently? Comment for God's sake, people, don't leave this site home to the bots and mindless spambots.. I don't commune with them, EVER! haha GTA5 is still a breath of fresh air if you took the long way around in playing straight through ie. taking the scenic route. Trying out-of-mission chaos and run and hide, attack tactics, which help in the slower police response you tend to get in the actual missions... I find it strange, the same number of Wanted level stars, and yet the police response hindering progress is tangibly lightened, make no mistake, I'm not lodging a complaint. Missions can still be hectic, but fast and proficient gamers can likely be bored by the lack of frenzy at times. GTA5 having fair to total involvement of brother developer Dan Houser, no mentioned as retiring in a way... along with earlier leaving of Les (Leslie) Benzies... writing, elements, voiced characters will all take a creative hit in future games, how do you think we might notice their deficiencies? How do you think the gaming plot and dialog holds up over these now seemingly many years?? I find it refreshing that it cracks me up to no end, the dysfunction leveled on poor Michael Townley aka DeSanta from his own f'd up family, and Trevor's involvement, his hell bent destructive nature while just looking for a mate, it seems, or some love from...well, anybody! hahaha
  24. Just to start a topic for playing GTA IV again, sounds rather vague I know, but I mentioned in a side topic, I felt this is interesting in regards to the evolution to current GTA 5 on all console formats and it's origins as a ground up revisioning of Liberty City with GTA IV on the new hardware of the day, including PC. I'm opting to play the entire game over on Xbox360 in particular, using my newly refurbed 47 inch LG TV and the component HD input, set for 1080P and I believe 60 frames per second
  25. BlackListedB

    Last falls Look Into ND's Origins....

    The more then successful Industry leaders along with Rockstar Games is expert 3rd person game maker Naughty Dog, and I have to admit that for an earlier console generation, their mascot leading Playstation game was also a hit, though it seemed just to counter the highly successful hedgehog Sonic. A mascot game character that proliferated on all fronts. Crash Bandicoot offered an old arcade aesthetic within a new gen console game software arsenal and it looked and sounded brilliant. A taste of things to come http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/10/04/rising-to-greatness-the-history-of-naughty-dog?page=3 Page 3 will require you skip back a bit, but this shows the beginning of the 1990s where computers led to consoles and there was an instant conflict for gamers of both that continues to this day! [in the modern sense, in historical context, the CONSOLE game platform PRE-DATES personal computing, this people tend to forget in their arguments for or against fans of the other]