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The Chronicles (GTA that is)

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If something SNAFU happens at Webring site GTAChronicles, I usually post about it, We're dedicated to the same online gaming news, related to Rockstar or not, as many fan based forums, but I was on the site earlier today, it was up and running fine, now it's offline for reasons unknown to me, I don't service the technical end, so I'm making a thread to keep users apprised of the situation, We're down for the moment, but not down for the count, so to speak! Hang in there. We'll probably get things squared away before more breaking GTA news.

As with the last trailer, We will hope to support viewing on our site as well, for the SECOND, THIRD, 4th trailers, as they happen

It's expected there might not be as much lead up promotion, since the game is expected to drop in 6 months or less!

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