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San Andreas Backup warehouse

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First of all, this is not for advertising my website, this is for HELPING people. This thing is NOT a place where to download San Andreas! If you want it, walk to local game shop, spend few bucks and be happy to own a physical shiny disc of this wonderful game!



I have a section on my website containing San Andreas original unmodified files.

They are there as a backup files.

In case you messed up your game and end up with errors, so you can download a original file and replace modified one.

There are categories for Cars, Planes, Boats etc, also a search where you can type in a file name that exist in gta3.img, and download it.

(Missing file list: No gta_sa.exe, no huge audio files. They wont be added).

I think someone finds it useful so I post a topic about it, so here it is.

If this is against the rules then I'm sorry


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