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GTA 5 : Confirmed Map Size, Main Characters and Vehicles - GameInformer GTA 5 Article Overview

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I cant show you scans or images of the Gameinformer magazine but what I can do is read it a give it back to you in a long rabbled session! Its a long GTA 5 video but some of you have asked for longer GTA 5 episodes so here it is. Hope you guys enjoy this episode. It actually took me a long time to put this together. I'm not that good at talking straight for 15 min so its not going to be my best GTA 5 video.

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If you're near a Gamestop, should be readily available, but I don't know if they'll run out of copies of the magazine, or how long it's going to be displayed, but I've been endlessly debating whether to buy it or not, I saw a shared online source, though I am not privy to tell you about how that came about, suffice to say, it's probably better in the print form due to the size of the actual magazine, depends on your LCD viewing habits I suppose, I like hard copy from time to time.

Electronic Gaming Monthly listed games expected next year as a precursory buying guide, GTA V is in this month's copy but it doesn't detail much more then what we already know about the game, one shot they used looked new to me at least! haha

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