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(PC) GTA IV Policing Clan - LCPD District 11


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Interested in an amazing role playing experience for those wishing to be Police Officers? Join LCPD District 11 today! With our outstanding rank structure, organized event schedule and amazing community, we offer the top notch role playing clan within the Policing Community.


We are looking for motivated, dedicated members who play GTA IV for the PC and who are willing to mod their game with out mod pack, as well as some knowledge in running LCPDFR and knowledge in modding their own game.


We require you to be 16 years or old, however if you are younger and believe you are mature, you may apply.


We offer a full teamspeak server with an advance ranking system within teamspeak. Visit our website at http://lcpddistrict11.enjin.com/home and click the recruitment page. Apply there, then join our teamspeak server. (IP Located on the Home Page of our website)


Hope to see you all there, and happy gaming!

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