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UV mapping and Templates


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Hi Friends!
I am new to these forums.
Please help me friends i don't know how to create UV templates of cars like in gta VC Txd. So how to create UV template like those of GTA VC by using 3ds max?

Here is a complete way in which i found to get UVs but UV's were not like theones in GTA VC's:

1. I created an Infernus Police model for gta VC.
2. I attached the police car's Lights into the infernus car model
3. Hid all the damaged parts
4. Selected its Chassis_hi thing and went into modify and then the modifier list in which i selected unwrap UVmap
5.  under unwrap UV map i went to face then chose box and Fit and then edit.

But the UV i got there is not like in the one in GTA vc infernus body.bmp how to make the UVs appear like original infernus body.bmp. Because it will be hard for me to texture all those parts if i render that UV template(in 3ds max) since it has many small parts.

So how to get UV templates like the ones used in GTA Vice city's TXD?

Please help.


Below you can see the original template of that car in Txd and the one in 3ds max. Templates are different!




How to get them like above? Please help.

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