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post-98126-0-26443900-1373137726_thumb.pngFRONT-LINE ROLE PLAY COMMUNITY!post-98126-0-26443900-1373137726_thumb.png


          The Elite. The respected. The highly trained. That’s what makes us who we are in the Front-Line Role Play Community. From the factories of Alderney, through the skyscrapers of Algonquin, to the slums of Bohan, and to the diverse neighborhoods of Broker/Dukes, we protect all. We serve with respect. We protect with justice. And we wear the badge with compassion and honor. The duties of a Sheriff Deputy are to ensure the safety of the major roads and highways all across the islands of Urban County. This ranges from your everyday traffic stops, to the most high-risk, adrenaline-rushing call where the lives of the public are being threatened. As a deputy, you will be assigned to a Sergeant who will work very closely with you in further developing your skills. FIRE/EMS is also a division available in our community as well as Dispatchers! To join click the link Bellow.




Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/FrontlineRoleplay

Website: http://flrp.enjin.com/


TO JOIN CLICK LINK HERE!http://flrp.enjin.com/recruitment




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