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[REQUEST] YouTube Channel Art


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Hey guys. I need a graphic done if possible for my youtube channel? I've tried to ask on GTAForums but unfortunately they like to be ignorant. I posted a thread 3 months ago (May 16) yet I didn't get a single reply at all, yet they are still helping other requests...such ignorance! Who ever can do this for me will receive great appreciation and will also be added to my respect list. :)
Name: KyleIceGaming

Name #2: KyleIce45 (at bottom left)

Size: Recommended channel art size: 2560 x 1440
Max file size: 2 MB

Theme: Could one of you awesome GFX designers surprise me? It must be gaming related, and not tied only to GTA.
GTA, Battlefield, Counter-Strike etc. Just a mixture of some popular games like CS, BF, Mass Effect 3 etc.

Resources: Again, surprise me.

Colors: And same as above. :)

Additional info: This is for the YouTube channel art for my channel. I've attempted to make one myself, but it keeps stretching it when I do it unfortunately.

Default YouTube Channel Art example:


My attempts:




TGN.tv's channel art (as an example, not my work to claim!)


If one could do this for me, it'd be much appreciated!


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