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Lets discuss the WEAPONS WHEEL here and tips on finds, what's available and where, perhaps some might want to protect what's said via spoiler tagging, let's get some input on this, I will start with the facts you can take on any protecting PED force, be it police or any other, and score what they have to fire / shoot with, it's added to your character's HUD Weapon Wheel and even when you run empty on ammo, it's still there, unlike the parachute that requires a refill.


I've found a hidden location GRENADE LAUNCHER under water, and for the moment I won't say where unless you're already hip to that, but it's proved that there's more then health lying around to be found. For an aid, once you get it, in it's spawning location, it respawns in less then a minute, or so it seems. This is advantageous because you can wait there and pick it up repeatedly for more ammo to be added!

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