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Xbox Magazine Answers mail....

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I looked over the latest Official XBOX magazine today while out food shopping, beside a nice cover story on Watch Dogs, the only game seemingly close enough to challenge GTA (seems compared more to IV then V however!) is worth taking a look at, but their viewer mail is what I found interesting as one reader wanted to say a killer app, that being Last of Us, was not enough to sell them on buying Playstation over Xbox, I believe this was referring to current consoles, but the argument is lost in logic because of the used market and the time and cost differences FAR different then when the consoles premiered for the first time.


Xbox Mag editors tended to agree, but of course, can they actually be non-biased, or at least sound like a knowledgeable voice when discussing two major players for your dollars in the gaming market? How they put it in response is that the consoles are in competition, as such, you can't expect too much in terms of cross-platform sharing, as much as they are in the know, they basically suggest that nearly all software might be exclusive for one console or the other, and a company like Rockstar might be unable to offer the same title on two or more consoles. Already PC users feel this is the alienation approach to accuse developers of. Companies hosting the consoles and online services you prefer to go with, they also have their own invested / vested interest of course, but will the new Next Gens be more of an exclusive Killer App territory?


Well, I don't think the similarities (as the writer who sent the question put it) between the consoles this time would mean less compatible software between them, what we've been told is that the re-designs of both consoles and shared company development, namely I refer to ATI for their GPUs on both and a less complicated CPU to program for, there's more possibility if the infrastructure will allow for it, and the companies themselves.


Asking Xbox magazine about cross platforming is setting yourself up for an unsatisfactory answer, a bit like asking Sony and Microsoft directly, but ultimately it's still interesting hearing their response being they are official press, and they are to cater to the gamers directly in a way the company or company's website might not.


Oh, and on the topic of Xbox, I thought to just add this to an older posting, Tuner's thread here;



However, it's just too misinformed to even bother with at this stage! haha

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