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For sake of a fun revival topic, going to call this 'Red Dead Redemption Online' [RDRO], though Rockstar haven't made any current changes, the online segments between Xbox and Playstation I've finally been able to partake in both personally so I feel I can comment on them as a whole now.


Also, one of the links I just put up here, in a new topic as of this month, there should be a story link in the article page commenting on RDR sequel in the making, now I doubt anyone has hard info that Rockstar haven't said anything about, but it would be cool, no less!


Suffice to say, I have high hopes that like Uncharted, they gauged user and critical response over the dollar value of sales, and realize the market isn't flooded with old Western period piece open World games, so the prospects for more stories is VERY MUCH still wide open!


That being said, any comments on GTAO compared with GTA IV online and RDR online?

RDR's weapon wheel was a major influence for Rockstar to pursue when they developed GTA V as it pretty much is the template design for the weapon wheel as well as character selection wheel for the same game.


I think that's a clear example of how they're looking at successful assets to employ in future software releases. Hopefully the bottom line is people are OK with it and it saves time and money in the development process. A lot of what we hope for in a new Rockstar game, or any game, is the result of a lot of brainstorming on how to improve without retreading too many old ideas.


I spent a few hours on RDRO today, and at one point my Free Roam session was filled with players who were not actually playing GTA SP or MP at this time, which is quite interesting you might think, I think it's duly important for these older game's online segments to remain of key interest to those buying or owning the game, but how long can they be maintained?? As we know everything reaches some sort of end-of-life cycle, I'm hoping the best online experiences aren't among them!

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I'm reporting an update after a long night of more Red Dead Multiplayer, on PSN only, I want to get some feedback from you guys, have you played RDR on both consoles? I'm rather disappointed that Sony's version of the same game just isn't up to the Microsoft XBOX version, and I was hoping to extol virtues of Sony's Cell over the older Microsoft 3-core. It just comes up short on Sony's system with regard to Rockstar's efforts.


The main example I was even shooting a video about for YouTube is when you go to the Northern-most hills where snow collects in the higher elevations, I see a terrible looking 'combing' effect of lines between dark and white where ground and snow merge, with grass growing there as well, thought this contributes to the technical difficulty. I spent over a year with Uncharted on the PS3 exclusively and in Uncharted 2 in particular, there's plenty of snow and ice segments where the Sony hardware doesn't have the same issue, I felt like with GTA V, water at least on Xbox360 looked nearly as good as Naughty Dog had gotten much earlier with Uncharted 1.


Another issue I want to point out is not attributed to hardware, but perhaps the Game of the Year edition of RDR. If you play this on your console, you'll notice when notified of other player's stats online, it is always titled as "RDR GoTY Edition", so it makes me think there's dedicated servers for this release of the game.

The online 'cheats' of being able to enter into several locations, inside buildings, fall down 'blue hell' chutes... for lack of a better word, that would respawn you on top of the mountain range, then you're only obstacle for roaming above the map was an invisible wall several inches tall that surrounds the map regions on top of the extreme map borders. You can trick the game to spawn you on the other side of this early on, about a year and half into RDR's existence in the market this aided a lot of people to have a unique find with the glitches of the game, and my understanding is that in MP mode, all these areas were sealed, Rockstar makes it so if you attempt them, you're placed (respawned) well into the internal game map away from the location (marginally speaking because of the actual scale)

I tried all the tricks people had showed me, for example, and non are available in the current game, it's a shame in some regard, because it actually provided for even more fun in the game! If you try the same tricks for Single Player, on your local console, I believe they all still work and were not patched when Rockstar did this, but for the Game of the Year version, I'm not sure yet, I'll be looking into that further.


As for what maybe different in owning the latest version of RDR as well, I recall several hunting grounds from the original game that don't seem to show up in the Game of the Year Edition, as well, I know there were new treasure finding locations, I'd actually got confused between them being Online or Offline locations after a while. I'd been a bit stunned that hunting animal locations would have been forgotten or left out, but I also went to a bit of trouble getting a wagon or cart in which to shoot from into a location, my previous Xbox experience I feel this was allowed from what I remembered, and thought that perhaps Rockstar thought to patch up this type of cheating, but in two shown on map hunting locations I was able to stay off the ground and hunt safely. I hope that doesn't actually spoil the hunting challenge for you guys, but it's one of those things that's a tip/trick that works really well.


The new, added gang hideout is Soloman's Folly, and it's pretty good, but what seems like a main difference between Xbox (which didn't get this) and Sony PS3 having it added by Sony's request, more NPCs appear at this hideout then you might normally find, maybe it just seems this way based on location size, but I think in comparison it's worth noting.


One of the most annoying aspects is still waiting for committed players in game lobbies, there maybe no other way around this aspect of online, however.

I feel like I spent an hour just in poker lobbies for 1 or 2 players to commit to a round of poker, ONE ROUND! I think if you're experienced enough, or you're thinking to cut your teeth on this, my recommendation for all participants is play a game like it's meant to be done, don't skip town in the middle unless something came up offline you have to attend to, normally a round, 1 round of poker or Liar's Dice is not going to be an all day event.

Even though all told it seemed like an hour to me, I only stayed up for three rounds of poker, and really because I thought they were too short after taking as long a break as I did from the online gaming aspects.


I'm venting a bit over this, but people make it more annoying then it is as a system by contributing to the problem themselves. I hope to relay to anyone who does this to give consideration to the length of time invested and no one wants their fun cut short, true!?


At one point when I exited Liar's Dice after my first win on PSN, I joined Freeroam again as most of you probably do. Only one person in that session, doing Pike's Basin, he had a wanted level on himself, and no one around to claim or defend him so I thought I'd claim it while I was there, I teleported to a plot location waypoint above him and blasted on him with my various weapons several times, it bloodied his character he was playing as but had no effect on him, this kind of Invincible feature should really only show up in the Friendly modes of online MP, where you might object to getting killed all the time while trying out the facets of MP modes, etc. I go into Normal Mode that pre-existed when the game released. Rockstar segregating them, modifying this aspect into three levels that still exist now. (correct me if I'm forgetting this bit)

I don't know about becoming wanted in the Friendly mode, but you certainly should be going out and into modes you selected instead of being moved to sessions of a different type. This guy chased me all the way from PB to Armadillo in retaliation.

I think he took offence! hahaha


Anyway, a couple observations I think change the way the game plays and feels from my original experience. I had played Red Dead Redemption a bit over a month since it'd released originally, and gotten online by way of my first Broadband router, I could connect and play XBL for 3 months at a time without worrying if the signal might be available, this is a main concern I have relying on Wifi as well... Anyway, I feel very fortunate to having had that earlier time in RDR Multiplayer before all the patches and differences that seemingly now exist, but I wonder if people will feel this same way with regard to GTAO 5's online experience, which has really made some people mad, and patches are all they live for to have the hype match the experience.

Glitches was something I'd been hoping to report on for GTAOnline in the same way they made RDR more interesting and fun, but the patches pretty much seal up the areas you're not intended to go. I felt there's no real harm to the game in having those type of glitches, it often made people laugh at the types of entertainment they provided

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Pop a cold one. you'll love this. 


I call this story "Old school Redneck Driveby)  I'm playing Red Dear one w/ one of my buddies,

Bman & he talks me into a public session (cheaters, 'nuff said)  I'm running Pike's Basin & he

spawns in Blackwater.  Les than 3 seconds later some random madcaps him & the start tagging

each other until Bman chases him out of BW.  A few minutes later we run The Nosilida hideout &

upon finishing I notice the random is still in the session, doing the DLC hideout just south of the

McFarlin Ranch. 


I mention this to Bman & he still wants a little payback.  When I asked him if he trusted an outlaw

he quickly responded "ABSOLUTELY!"  We grab a wagon & waited just outside his minimap until

the message came up that random completed the hideout then charged in as he was picking up

his reward, the explosive rifle.  I opened up w/ the High Power pistol & Bman let loose a stick of

dynamite, hitting him in the head.  This may have annoyed him.


I'm pretty good w/ the wagon & know my way around the map so I made for the nearest railroad

tracks leading random north.  He was level 24 so I knew his horse couldn't quite catch my wagon. 


As I mentioned, I know my way around & led random to a place I call cougar cabin.  No, this is NOT

a place to find a friendly older women.  While we sat on the wagon & watched, mountain lions ate

random & his horse something like 14 times.  We actually started getting bored so we moved down

to Bearclaw Camp where he was eaten another dozen or so times.


Apparently random messaged Bman over XBL & he left the party for a minute, laughing hysterically

when he came back.  It turned out random was some 12 year old who cried to his mommy who in

turn took the kid's headset & proceeded to call us everything but White Boy.  Uh, Outlaw.


The morale of the of the story?  Not sure, but it made up for some of those times I landed in sessions

full people running cheats/mods.

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One of the interesting things for Multiplayer Red Dead I think back on is compartive video and personal experience of the online aspect from it's initial phase into 6 to 12 months time. 
I joined in RDR MP about 6 months, IIRC, well, it still needed a lot of refinement, but just about all the exploited glitches were present that I know of, and I got in with at least one guy who teamed up with me for over a week at a time, so we could help each other advance. There were anti-griefing measures also deployed, and some of this I think came to fore with GTA online as well, although changed, or gave ideas on how to avoid problem areas from Rockstar's development standpoint.


Regardless, it's hard to avoid death matches, it's part of any MP game these days, but it can be relentless at times, and you're left spawning and spawning over and over. Part of GTAO is if you get killed in a defensive mission, you can't respawn, you've used up two lives and your out till your teammate/s bite the bullet. I had this work both ways. 


Videos from early on lacked a lot of the coming up upon any other player and instantly attacking them, which began to run rampant at one point.

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