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Tips Tricks with Spoilers (minor)

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Let's have a thread we advise against opening if you've yet to play GTA V, or are not far along.... This being an updated Tips and Hints.



I'm going to start things off by asking for advice from gamers on the forum who have probably advanced beyond me, I'm at 27 to 29 percent so far, spent over a week just driving, running, and flying all over the LS map, not advancing beyond the first open character, then after 20 percent, you're doing the same as Trevor with character switching shut off temporarily.


One of the hardest mission aspects I find is for example, RAMPAGE in GTA V form, the Strangers and Freaks segment of the game pretty much covers these challenges, you're confronted with increasing risk and danger (in shoot out form) from all sides, and requiring you to be rather exposed and keep in constant motion just to aim your shots. I wonder if cover is even available while you do these, I've been unable to complete them so far, but I feel like I must have been getting close at some point.


Part of the hardest challenge, and perhaps you may feel switching characters in the thick of the action sequences involving more then one, this presents a challenge because the mechanics of this game play are pretty new, I think GTA is the first to allow you to embody more then one key character at once.

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