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Mod tools compatibility with Win7/Win8

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Hey guys, I recently bought a Mac and wanted to run Windows via Bootcamp so I could still make GTA 3 mods.  Before I purchase Windows I just want to make sure there aren't any issues with these tools running on Windows 7/Windows 8.  Is anyone out there making mods running Windows 8?  Thanks for your help.

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I only have a Mac from the 2000-2001 era, I forget even the name, but I think it's only like 400Mhz PowerPC running OS 9.2.


A little more recent and I could run the favored OS 10 system on it. Still, I got it for free and it works fine. 

I have plenty of used PCs that were found as well, and I would recommend just going that route, you can get a capable PC for free if you look around enough. People are tossing out a lot of good stuff that still works!

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