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Xbox One! Day One!


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The Spike cable network also broadcast a countdown to release party the other night for Xbox One, however, I was joining a friend in GTAOnline, so I wasn't as attentive as I was for Spike's previous Playstation 4 release Day One special, it did stream as well from player's Xbox360 consoles.


Want to get your reaction just on that, or find out who's got or getting the new console first, and want to report on it, this would be the best thread for that!


I don't have a lot to say having been causally observing it and playing GTA at the same time, but they awarded the developer arctic white to the Xbox fan who had the most Gamer Points on record, going for a cool million with two Xbox's, one to play non USA titles and a handheld app for mobile device as well to score as many points as he could, he also played games he never knew he'd like in the process, however, we know from just dabbling in a few, you can spend plenty of time on just a handful of games, that's a personal perspective as well, but both consoles look to offer a higher fidelity graphic experience.


Improving AI as well, but I'm going to say the verdicts still out on better control even with new controllers. We'll have to see how a much wider swath of gamers feel about them.

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Looks like it comes apart easier than a 360 (a little TOO familiar there) but I'll still wait to get one until

I know more about their quality/reliability.


Just a headsup, what the video didn't show is the case (like most modern consumer products) has

paint marks or stickers to tell if it's opened, so don't go get a new one & pop it open, you'll void the

warranty.  We don't even know if the 1 works.


Anybody remember the old topic "How to kill your Xbox 360" (or similar)?

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