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Buying a Refurb console

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I got another 360 as I mentioned as soon as I was out and about picking up another to replace my second HDMI version Xbox, this one worked for over a year, but funny as it seems, a lot of online user critiques think a used Xbox will fail within a year, give or take, I'd say on average, you might get 2 years if something don't break down! hahaha


This one worked fine most all the time I had it, but then the screen suddenly went to vertical white bars, and only a hint of the visual display behind it, not responding to attempts at an active reset, I rebooted the system and got the dreaded E74 error screen. Rather then attempt any fixes on that, I went out to the closest pawn shop and bought another, I put video up about this unit after working with it for a good chunk of the day, but also decided to look up what info there is on Gamestop Refurbished Xboxes, and found this from someone who used to work at Gamestop. A lot of people speaking out with any air of authority claim that buying used ones, or any from Gamestop is a horrible idea, I don't agree obviously, but the thing dating this information is the year, obviously, so prices we know have changed in most cases, but to repair a RROD by someone offering the service, you're still looking at upwards to $50 to $70 range on the high end, while complete systems are down around $89, so it's not much more to just replace if it's a dated system (PHAT as opposed to Thin) The HDD form factor obviously changed so limits some expansion there as well.


Here's my video, below the user supplied info mentioned above, not mine, mind you, his comments highlighted during the cut and paste process



I read over all the posts here and I think I covered everything people are concerned about here. Please read!

Any scratched disc games being sent or kept is up to the discresion of the employee who takes the trade. I work as an ASM at one and being a collector myself I'm usually strict on what I'll accept, I refurbish anything I myself wouldn't want to recieve through a trade here or buying at a store. Any games whose trade in value is less than $1.00 can't be refurbed. Also, any and all systems are tested when someone brings one in (unless the employee/manager on duty is horrible at their job) regardless of how busy we are at the time.

Refurbish fees on systems usually take 30-50% off the actual value we give. Trading in a 360 with a wireless controller gets you $80 store credit with a wired $70. Refurbish fee will be about $30-40 on those. Any games/systems that are taken defective/refurbished are put in a seperate box from any other trades. Each week the managers will gather up all the Defectives items and send them back to our warehouse.

Also just to add, Gamestop used to send out any and all PS3s working or non to the warehouse to be wiped clean. We now do this ourselves. Likewise any working 360 will be kept at the store and sold as used. The only piece GameStop has to send back is the 360 Hard drive (if you have one). But these are taken in seperately from the system and add to your credit.

That all being said, stay away from used 360s. Testing a system for the 5-10 mins we do gives us no perspective on how long these things will last. Our standard warranty is 30 days and I have had people buy used 360s and come back day 32 with a red ring. 

Used 360s are 159.99-169.99 depending on the controller, they only have a 30 day warranty (unless you extend it to a year for like $20), and they come with no HD or memory card. Taking all that into account: The new ones have a 1 year company warranty (3 years on your red rings), and even the cheapest, the Arcade, comes with a 256MB memory card. 

1.) Used 360 + extended 1yr. warranty + memory card (usually $19.99) = $210

2.) New 360 Arcade (1 year warranty, 256MB memory card) = $200

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Additional Info, the Xbox I just got E74 and was working for me over a year, I resorted to pulling that chassis to access parts, I seem to be missing some I had already, when I moved, or thought I had. Anyway, it turns out the one that just flatlined with video issues was internally a match to some of the improved GPU coolers, using a copper feed extension to the front space.


Same improved CPU heatsink, but this time the philips bolts used to retrograde, they're mounted through the bottom, and done in a seemingly haphazard approach, since they are bigger profile, and the normal screws are small black hex ones that mount to the other side of the X-clamps, going into mounted posts that the X-clamp locks to, so as you tighten them, it pulls the X-clamp down and tight, whereas I do see the loose factor without that, but those screws are also part of the annoyance factor taking apart and repairing, any user service. I'll report that pulling the interlocking latches at the rear of the white casing top, that did make a REAL difference so you can snap top and bottom together BY HAND without any tools, but it helps to still have a flat head screwdriver.


There's not notices of Gamestop Refurbishing that I can tell, I bought all of mine from various pawn shops, and never a console from Gamestop other then my first Playstation 3, when new, it was refurbished, but the only stumbling block was GTA IV, bought new, it got worse and worse trying to run it, so I jumped ship to Xbox360


I still use PS3 obviously, but took a long break from the system.


I'm putting together some new video in addition to the first one above. I don't think I captured the dust in all it's glory, but I did shoot the system with my best initial cleaning, using fingers and damp paper towel.


I would say if you do this like I do, make sure your damp paper towel is not dripping at all, squeeze out access water, and let it drip soak to dry portions of the paper towel, you dap it on dust locations and then go back with a dry piece, this method can leave tearing paper residue if you do it ham fisted, so be gentle and take time with the effort.

It does work. I wiped all vented hole corners, and the dust vent shield, basically all areas that were open were now cleared of standing dust residue. The only real problem areas are deep inside the aluminum vents, and between tightly positioned capacitors. We're about to fire up the failing system again, now that it's better suited to heat pressure, remember this system WAS inside the white case and never opened by me previously. It had been opened for the heat sink mods, so both systems I have now are virtually identical with the new heatsinks and SANS X-CLAMPS




I'm looking at this guy's videos because he was denouncing Gamestop refurbs, but I also would disagree with some of his ideas, he's got some sound ones, but I think MS did a complete disservice by not acknowledging this issue long ago when it first came to light, and only dealing with it on a minor basis, when it proved the biggest detriment by a huge margin!

MS like Sony at times, refused to publicly admit their failures, it was bad press, the bottom line, but it was a real situation that needed proper resolve and not ignorance or ignoring, or brushing off

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