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Rockstar Intervention

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Hi again, partners in Cyber GTA crime....


I'd like to hear from fellow online fanatics, how have the past few months been with regard to your experience with GTA's changes upon cheaters handing out free cash bags unsolicited, and many on Rockstars site cried out for a lenient policing hand to stand in and deal with accessive cheating.


I've been paying for gaming online yet, also paying for cable TV now, been enjoying that after more then 5 years, and closer to 10 without any premium TV access (other then family)


It's taken me on hiatus from gaming, but not before I indulged some of the windfall within XB Live. In PSN I was able to maintain my own cash flow without seeing the out of hand monetary cheating that seems to afflict both console versions.


I heard from one GTAC friend so far, about his experience he believe Rockstar have stepped in and made some corrective changes. I'll be anxious to see what this means for my own gaming account, I bought some upgrades, tucked them away in my GTAO garage and left the game for an entire month! Don't know what will come of corrective changes with my gaming so far, but that's what I'd like to field responses from in this topic....

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I'm going to add addendum here, I read there's some SERIOUS SERIOUS problems with Red Dead Redemption Online modes, both consoles effected. I've not looked into it personally, but it sounds like, from the fan response, that Rockstar have been neglecting an effected server and overrun cheating within the Online World there to assumedly focus their attention on GTAOnline. It's been awhile since upgrades were started and underway for GTAO, but even weeks if not months ago, I posted to Newswire that Rockstar not neglect the need to keep all Online versions of their games supported, or you wind up with a loss of investment like APB, David Jones hope for a GTA Online before Rockstar's GTAO....yet, it just failed repeatedly. Sad, sad thing to see and have to report, a future so far, uncertain.

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